How To Shave a Man's Balls

Shaving the area down there is common not only for women but also for men. For men, shaving the balls can eliminate bad odors and germs. You may also gain an optical inch by doing so. Here is how to shave a man’s balls.

  • Clean your genitals. Before starting on shaving, you should take time to clean and wash your genitals. Wash the areas under your balls to make sure that they are cleansed properly. Dry your genitals and make sure to completely dry the sack of your balls. Make sure no lint is on them.
  • Get ready to shave. Position yourself or your balls in front of a mirror. Have the standard razor and shaving cream ready as well as a cup of lukewarm water. For a few minutes, soak the razor in the water before you start shaving. If you are using an electric razor, make sure your balls are perfectly dry. You may use dry towels or apply baby powder to do the trick.
  • Stretch the skin of your balls. Pull and stretch your balls’ skin so you can shave the hair effectively. However, remember to be careful in doing so because the skin of your balls is sensitive and standard razors may cut your skin.
  • Make few strokes. When using a standard razor, make as little strokes as possible because the testicles’ skin is very sensitive. Fewer strokes would mean less chances of getting cuts. To catch the pubic hairs or any shaving cream that may fall, prepare a towel underneath you. Be sure to rinse the razor blade in the water you prepared frequently to ensure that the blade is clean.
  • Make a circular motion. When using an electric razor, a circular motion is more effective in cleaning your balls. Go over your balls as much as it would take to have a clean-shaven result.
  • Consider using a grooming shaver. Using a body grooming shaver will ensure that you do not get cuts. A famous model is the Philips Norelco Body Groom. Apply shaving cream that is used for sensitive skin only because you are shaving a sensitive part of your body. Stand over your toilet with its lid opened so that the hair will fall directly in the toilet. You may also stand somewhere comfortable and just sweep the floor. When shaving, do it an up and down motion. Flick the shaver and shave from top to bottom. Be sure to lift your balls and to stretch your balls’ skin. This is to make sure you get to shave all the pubic hair.
  • Soothe your balls. If you want to avoid the itch, you may use balla powder to relieve the itchy feeling. Balla powder is a kind of talc for men, and it does not have asbestos as an ingredient.
  • Shave regularly. A few days after you shave your balls, you may notice a few stubbles coming back. Shaving regularly will soften the hairs and will make the stubbles not bother you.

Razors are slowly getting replaced by grooming shavers nowadays. Be sure to use the tool where you are most comfortable and where you can shave more effectively.


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