How To Shop at a Pottery Barn Outlet Store

Pottery Barn is a well-known home furnishing store. Its unique, classic, and elegant selections of home furnishing products—from rugs to furniture—are a hit among Americans. The prices of their products, however, are not for the average American households. But Pottery Barn made an effort to bring the products to the level of average Americans by opening outlets in several locations. Currently, there are ten outlets in the US (Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Michigan, Georgia, and California). If you would like to shop at a Pottery Barn Outlet, here’s what you need to remember to make shopping a fun and productive experience.

  • Visit the Pottery Barn website. Check the website to find out the exact addresses of the ten Pottery Barn outlets. On the homepage, click Store Locations. It is under the Our Company category. Click Pottery Barn Outlets on the Store Locator page. This will lead you to the list of addresses and phone numbers of the outlets.
  • Contact the outlet within your area. If you plan to go to a Pottery Barn outlet, make sure to first make a call to find out the operation hours. Remember that Pottery Barn outlets each have different operation days and hours.
  • Schedule your visit. Expect to see lots of shoppers in a Pottery Barn outlet, so if you want to avoid congestion and high foot traffic, you might want to visit Pottery Barn at the non-peak hours of the day. Don’t go on weekends, either. If you truly want to have a fun shopping experience, you need to avoid the onrush of people.
  • Create a shopping list. You might get overwhelmed by the selections of products in a Pottery Barn outlet, which is why it is necessary to have a shopping list before heading out. This way, you can manage your shopping and expenditures very well. Make sure to stick to your shopping list at all costs.
  • Look at the different sections. Go to the different sections of the outlet to find the items in your shopping list. There are several sections in a Pottery Barn outlet, so you need to strategically decide which one to visit first. You might need to start at the section nearest the entrance, then continue on until you visit all the sections you need to go to.
  • Find discounted products. What’s nice about Pottery Barn Outlets is that the already-marked down prices are even more reduced to up 75%. This makes the items even more affordable. Look for the discounted items all through the outlet store. Also, make it a point to watch out for month-long sales. Overstocked items are weekly sent to the outlets and are priced at very low amounts.
  • Examine the items. Make sure to thoroughly inspect the items you want to buy. Although most of the items are in good condition, some them have minor flaws. Nonetheless, these minor flaws don’t have much effect on the usefulness of the products, so they are still good buys.

Remember not to splurge. Before going to a Pottery Barn outlet, make sure to determine how much you are willing to spend. Stick to this amount. If you feel like splurging, remind yourself that you can always go back next month.


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