How To Shop at Online Shoe Stores Wisely

Shopping for shoes online is impractical to some people, but it actually offers a lot of advantages. Online shopping is particularly ideal if you don’t have enough time to physically go to a store. In fact, it allows you to shop any time of the day. However, it is important to be wise when shopping for shoes online. To get the best deal, here’s what you have to remember.

  • Find a reputable online shoe store. Because there are lots of online shoe stores these days, looking for one to transact with won’t be hard. But remember to be critical when choosing an online shoe store. Particularly, choose a store that is credible and reputable, has been in operation for a considerable period, offers quality shoes, and has good customer relationship. Don’t just fall for an online store that seems okay. You have to find out, through credible reviews, testimonials, and online tools, that the online store you are interested in is legitimate.
  • Determine the kind of shoes you want to buy. You might get overwhelmed by the large selections of shoes in an online shoe store. So it is important that before you go shopping, you already have an idea what to buy. Determine the style, the color, the brand, and the design. Plan your budget as well. Decide the minimum and maximum amounts you can spend.
  • Look at the quality. It is not enough to see the design and style of the shoes. You also have to examine its overall quality. Quality is hard to tell on picture, but it will help if you find as much information as you can about the shoes. Find out the materials, the traction quality (in case you are buying rubber shoes), the heel height, the shoe bed, etc. If testimonials are available online, consider reading them.
  • Take note of the size. This is the part that gets tricky. Remember that there is no way for you to try the shoes on, so you have to be very sure you are ordering the right size. If your shoes are using a foreign sizing standard, you have to look at the conversion table on the online store. If this table is not available, ask the online store how you can convert the shoe size. Aside from the shoe size itself, you also have to take note of the width of the shoes. This is to make sure that your feet will really fit into the shoes.
  • Know the payment method. The payment method is usually the same in all online transactions. You pay either through your credit cards or PayPal. What you have to make sure is the security level of the online store. See to it that it is encrypted, so whatever information you enter won’t be accessed by unauthorized Internet users.
  • Know the shipping policies. Find out who will shoulder the shipping fees and when you can expect to receive the shoes. And if you want to use the rush delivery service, how long will it usually take? Inquire about the return policy, too.

Try the shoes on as soon as they arrive. See if they fit and are exactly what you expect them to be. If you are not satisfied, contact the online store and ask for an exchange.


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