How To Shop for Bargello Needlepoint Supplies

The origin of Bargello needlepoint embroidery is traced from Florence, Italy where a row of chairs with stitch designs was found in the palace of Bargello. History on this needlepoint work states that the stitch pattern found on the chairs attracted the women that they later on adapted the outline in their needlework. Bargello is actually a kind of embroidery that makes use o loops and stitches in which one thread overlaps another. The designs usually come in geometric forms which, when done in series patterns, results to images of flowers, hearts, landscapes and etc.

To come up with an excellent Bargello needlepoint project, using the right materials is important. Here are tips on how to shop for Bargello needlepoint supplies:

  • Go over websites that sell needlepoint supplies. You can find valuable information at This online needlepoint store offers a variety of needlepoint items including patterns and fabric.
  • Buy everything you need for your needlepoint project in one shopping stop. List down the items you need before setting forth to shop so you will not miss any of the supplies you need to do your project. With one article missing, you cannot go on with your Bargello needlepoint work.
  • Choose thread colors in different shades. Designs for Bargello needlepoint work commonly come in graduated colors starting from dark, bright, light and very light. Threads are categorized by numbers. Make sure you buy more threads than you need as you can stash them away for future use. It is better to have more supplies than run out of them especially in the middle of a project.
  • Make your purchases in volumes. Buying by piece may not be practical because you have to go on frequent trips to the suppliers. What’s even more impractical is to go out of your way to the store just to buy one thread or one needle. It is a waste of time and money to be out there buying a loop of thread only.
  • Be mindful of new and rare supplies while doing your shopping rounds. Update yourself with the latest trend and look into the newest arrivals in needlepoint stores in your area. Browse on the store’s catalogs to find if there are new trends and styles that go along with modern art. If you come across rare supplies such as unique needles and thread colors go ahead and purchase them.
  • Join groups and clubs of needlepoint hobbyists. By being a member of a craft group, you will be able to compare works with others, pick up ideas for your next projects as well as gather tips on how to shop for supplies.
  • Drop by thrift shops and look around for supplies intended for collectors’ items. You may want to start a collection of needlepoint supplies for posterity purpose as well. Aside from doing stitching project, you can also keep collections of antique needles and designs, which you can display in your shelf to serve as conversation topic with your friends over tea or project sessions.

During a walk or tour at a mall, you may see by chance a needlepoint shop and may decide to purchase your own supplies. It is therefore wise that you always bring your list of Bargello needlepoint supplies for ready shopping anytime.


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