How To Shop for Maternity Wear in New York City

When you’re expecting, it’s time to start shopping for some maternity clothes. Although you’ll only need the outfits for the next nine months, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish and look great.

Moms to be have many options when shopping for maternity wear in New York City. There are so many places available. Here are some ideas on where and how to shop.

  • Know your size pre-pregnancy. Just like shopping for regular clothes, you need to know what size you wear when buying maternity outfits. Most women gain anywhere between twenty to forty pounds. Maternity clothes are different since the belly area is loose, so many outfits are sewn with an empire cut waist. If you’re a size 8 before pregnancy, there’s a strong change you’ll still be a size 8 maternity.
  • Determine the outfits you’ll need. If you’re a working professional, then you’re going to need to maternity clothes in suits and other dressier outfits. If you need a special occasion dress or evening gown, then you’ll want to go to a boutique that specializes in more formal designs for pregnant women such as Pea in the Pod. If you are only looking for comfortable casuals such as sweaters, t-shirts and jeans, you can even try The Gap and Old Navy. Some women also purchase maternity lingerie for extra support around the breasts and belly area. The type of clothes you need to get will determine where you will shop.
  • Go to the department store. Head on out to the various department stores in downtown New York. Try the maternity section of Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Barney’s. If there’s a mall near your neighborhood, look for retailers that carry maternity wear, such as The Gap, Old Navy and other popular brands.
  • Go to Destination Maternity. This store is a very popular place to shop when you’re looking for maternity wear. It is located at Madison Ave. and 57th Street.
  • Try Pea in a Pod. This store is also located at Madison Avenue. It’s a high end retailer so you’ll find a lot of classic pieces that you can use for work, dress up occasions as well as more casual clothes.
  • Liz Lange Maternity Essentials. If you want to go to a stand alone store, this is located at Madison Avenue between 75th and 76th. Liz Lange Maternity wear can also be found at department stores.
  • Go to discount retailers. Check out Ross, TJ Maxx and other retailers if you want to find designer maternity outfits at a fraction of the price.
  • Check out the outlet stores. There are outlet stores in New York City that you can try, such as Factory Outlet on Broadway and Nordstrom Rack Union Square, which is located at East 14th Street. If you’re willing to drive to Jersey, you’ll find great outlet stores that carry maternity clothes. While there, you may even stock up on baby clothes and items from Carters and Gymboree.

Discover your many shopping options for maternity wear in New York city so you can look fabulous for the next nine months!


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