How To Shop for Window Tint Companies

If your car isn’t tinted yet, do know that having it tinted poses a lot of benefits. For example, tinting your car will result in 60% lower temperature in your car’s interiors; this will help increase the efficiency of your car air conditioner. Other benefits include preventing 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays from entering your car; reducing the sun’s glare (thus ensuring safer driving); and helping hold the glass together, which would reduce its chances of shattering in case of accidents. With all that being said, of course it’s every smart shopper’s desire to get the best deal for his money, and the way to do this is to do comparison shopping. What are some of the guidelines for doing comparison shopping among different window tint companies? Read on:

  • Opt for local shops that have been around for a long time. There’s a reason why good companies enjoy longevity; that’s because they have the benefit of promotion through word of mouth, and they repeatedly get business from their satisfied customers. So take into consideration the number of years that the company has been actively doing business when choosing the particular company that you will like to patronize. It’s also good for you to opt for a local company, so that you could easily bring back your car in case of problems in the future.
  • Find out the different types of tints that they carry. First of all, you should opt for a UV-reflecting window, because it effectively keeps out the harmful rays of the sun from penetrating your car. You should also inquire if the company adheres to the car tinting darkness that the state you’re in mandates: for example, Idaho requires 35% darkness for cars’ front and side windows and 20% darkness in rear windows.
  • Your best bet is to go for a window tint company that carries more than three lines of film (including dyed, metallic and hybrid). Inquire with their service attendant about the pros and cons of each type of tint (including the prices). If the service attendant isn’t helpful, forget it: another one of your factors for consideration should be the quality of customer service that they offer!
  • Find out the warranty that they have on their work. It’s best that you get lifetime warranty on your car’s tint; this warranty should also cover for color and fading. Make sure that you obtain this warranty in writing.
  • Observe the interiors of the window tint shop. Another factor to consider is the condition of the shop itself; it should be clean, well-maintained and orderly. Remember that how orderly the tint shop looks is a reflection of their professionalism. Also, you should go for a tint shop that is located indoors, because it is essential that dust and debris be away from the workplace during the tinting process.
  • Ask for samples of their previous work. Some of the signs of highly-skilled tint jobs include the following: the tint is flushed and even against all the sides and edges of the car window; the tint is flat with no signs of air bubbles; and the tint film is applied to the window in one single piece, and not in individual, pieced-together strips.

It’s essential that you do research before you purchase or invest your money in something, to ensure that you will get the best value for your time and money. The time and effort you take comparison shopping will definitely pay off in the long run.


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