How To Sign Up for a Free Personalized Horoscope on MSN

MSN also known as The Microsoft Network, is a service network that was set up to provide service package to users. The package includes access to different content network sites such as online news and magazines. Some of the channels that have existing tie ups with MSN are NBC, Slate as well as social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. Entertainment and lifestyle sites have lately hooked up with MSN providing members with juicy celebrity gossips, feature stories on travel and tours and personalized horoscope reading to name a few. Among the many services that can be had at MSN, horoscope reading has by far taken much following. And with the latest controversy over the addition of one more Zodiac sign that is Ophiuchus, many more Internet users are now subscribing to free horoscope updates on individual basis. Now if you too want to sign up for a free personalized horoscope on MSN, read these tips:

  • Get an email address. If you have an existing one already, you may use it as long as it is valid and active. You can choose to use either Google or Yahoo mail or any particular email server with which you are signed up. Computer and Internet connection are of course the most important tools to have in order to accomplish these things.
  • Browse on MSN astrological readings. Log on to so you can install the system in your network. Make sure your computer is capable enough to accommodate downloads and installations.
  • Proceed to MSN Program Viewer. Taking this step allows you to have access to all MSN content including the newly installed MSN astrology page. The MSN Program Viewer is actually a flashy page with unique borders that works on the web browser known as Internet Explorer 3.0.
  • Be a member. Sign up by entering your name, gender, birth details (complete date and place), email address and other required information. Each data should be placed in their respective space as designated on the page. You need not indicate your Zodiac sign because the system will already identify it based on your birthday.
  • Wait for results. Click the OK button and your personalized horoscope will come out in a minute or less, depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the efficiency of your computer unit.
  • Get personalized horoscope reading. Signify your intention to subscribe on the left part of the web page that indicates “Daily Horoscope”. Click the button that is labeled ‘Submit’ and you will begin to receive email updates on your horoscope everyday. This email information given to you by MSN personalized horoscope is more detailed hence you will be asked to provide additional information about your birthday. You may opt for tarot readings as well to complete your daily horoscope menu.

Because of the latest change in astrology wherein the zodiac signs have all been restructured, your zodiac sign may have changed. But there is no need for concern because MSN Astrology Center will make the necessary adjustments and you will get your true horoscope reading based on the date of your birth.


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