How To Slim Down your Legs

People have different body configurations. Some have great upper bodies but their lower bodies need work. It is possible to have a slimmer top and a heavier bottom. Cardio vascular or aerobic exercises alone are not enough to slim down your legs. You need to perform exercises that can tone and firm up your legs to make them look good.

Here are a few exercises and physical activities that can help you achieve slimmer, well-toned legs. Remember to stretch and do aerobic exercises first when necessary. And don’t work out the same body parts every day. You need to let the muscles rest.

  • Do a few laps in the pool. When you swim, you can feel the natural resistance as your legs kick in the water. Choose swimming strokes with lots of kicking movement and less upper body work. Start your workout with a few laps and increase the number of laps as you progress. Try to swim at least three times each week.
  • Perform lunges. Stand straight with your feet together. Start with your right leg. Lift your right foot to step forward. Both your knees should be bent when you put your right foot down. The right knee is at a right angle (90 degrees). The left knee is bent close to the floor. Breathe out as you lunge. Breathe in as you return to your original position. Repeat with the left leg this time. You want to complete two or three sets with 12 – 15 reps (or more) per leg.
  • Go up the stairs. Go up and down the staircase as part of your exercise. To make the leg workout more difficult, go up two steps at a time. When you find yourself in a building, ditch the elevator. Use the stairwell instead for an extra leg workout!
  • Use a step bench. There are beginner step benches (12 inches high) and ones for experienced users (more than 12 inches high). Step up and down the bench. Follow your own rhythm or play lively music to help you get your groove. You can step forwards and backwards as well as sideways. Do several repetitions in each set. Go for at least 3 sets per workout session at least thrice a week.
  • Get on that bike. You can use an exercise bike or ride one outdoors. As a newbie, select a flat terrain. As you progress, choose more difficult terrains. Try cycling up an incline. Ride a bike at least twice a week as a beginner. The more you enjoy this activity, the more you will find yourself cycling your way through slimmer legs.
  • Practice yoga. If you look at yoga practitioners, you will notice that they have longer, leaner limbs. Yoga is great for toning your body. There are many yoga poses that target the leg muscles, giving it a more slender look. Since there are different types of yoga to choose from, you need to do some research first. Then find a certified yoga instructor who can help you transform your body and mind.

There are countless ways to slim down your legs. Various strength training exercises target your legs and thighs. Swimming, cycling, running, jogging, stair climbing, yoga and Pilates are a few activities that can help you achieve your goal. Find one (or two) that you can enjoy. The more you enjoy the activity, the more likely you will stick to it.


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