How To Slim the Face with Bronzer

Bronzers come in different shades, brands and types (liquid, powder, cream and gel). This kind of cosmetic is meant to give your face a suntanned look minus the actual tanning. You can use a bronzer to slim your facial features giving definition to your cheeks, nose and chin.

If you want to learn how to slim your face with a bronzer read the beauty advice below.

  • Choose the perfect bronzer. You need a bronzer that matches your skin tone. If you don’t get the proper shade, you might end up looking like an orange. Always choose a bronzer that is darker than your skin tone by one to two shades only. Choosing a bronzer shade that is too dark makes your skin look dirty. If the bronzer is meant to slim your face, don’t get one that is too shimmery.
  • Prepare your face. Always clean your face with water and a mild soap before putting on any product. After rinsing your face, dab it slightly with a clean washcloth to remove the excess water. Hide your blemishes and even out your skin tone by applying a concealer and a layer of foundation. Make sure you are using the right shade of concealer and foundation.
  • Start with your cheeks. Get your bronzer and the appropriate applicator. The applicator will depend on the type of bronzer you have. A makeup sponge or wedge is used for a liquid or cream type bronzer while a brush is used for a powder bronzer. Starting from the hairline going all the way towards the front part of your cheek, apply a small amount of bronzer under your cheek bone. As you move closer to the front of your face, make the line of bronzer thicker. Blend the bronzer into the skin well. Next, do the other cheek. Make sure the bronzer is balanced on both sides of the face.
  • Apply bronzer on your forehead. If you have a rounded forehead or one that is too wide for comfort, apply some bronzer on your temples. Blend well.
  • Make your nose look thinner. Apply a small amount of bronzer to the sides of your nose, starting near the inner corners of your eyes. You can use your thumb and index fingers in applying the bronzer on both sides of the nose. Blend the bronzer well. At the tip of the nose, apply a small amount of bronzer to make the tip look smaller.
  • Conceal your double chin. If you want to minimize your double chin, apply the bronzer below your jawline. Make sure to blend it well. You never want anyone to see where the bronzer begins and where it ends.
  • Check your whole face. Look at all the areas where you applied the bronzer. If you applied the bronzer properly, you won’t be able to tell where the bronzer starts and ends. There should be no lines of bronzer anywhere. Fix any mistakes before completing the rest of your make up.
  • Tip: Choose the type of bronzer depending on your skin type. Liquid, cream and gel bronzers add moisture to your skin. This is suitable for dry skin types. For oily skin, powder bronzers work best.

A bronzer can make your face look slimmer when applied properly. Choose the right shade and type of bronzer for your skin. Practice applying the bronzer on areas of your face you wish to slim down. You not only get a sun-kissed glow, you can also achieve a slimmer face when you use a well matched bronzer on your face.


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