How To Slow Dance with a Girl

Many young boys don’t take the time to learn the basics of slow dancing. Most of them go to their proms thinking they can just wing it when a love song begins playing in the background. Unfortunately, slow dancing can get awkward. This is why it is important to learn the art of slow dancing with the fairer sex.

Here are a few tips on how to slow dance.

  • Practice with someone else. If this is your first time to do this dance, ask a female relative or friend to practice with you. This way you know where to put your hands, how to stand, where to look and how to move. Older females can even give you loads of advice on how to be a true gentleman on the dance floor.
  • Position your hands properly. Place both hands on the girl’s back just around the level of her waist. Don’t go higher or lower. Never place your hands on her buttocks. The area under her armpits (close to her breasts) is off limits to your hands. Keep a safe distance between the two of you; 6 inches is okay. Remember to be respectful of your partner.
  • Keep the correct posture. Always position your feet wherein you can comfortably sway to the rhythm. There should be no straining or stretching of any body part. By maintaining the correct posture, you will feel more at ease with your body and therefore dance better.
  • Start dancing. Listen to the beat of the music. Take the lead. Step your right foot to the right. As you put this foot down, lift your left foot and step it to the right. Bring the left foot down near the right foot. Now, move back to your original position. Lead with your left foot going to the left side followed by your right foot. That’s it! Do these steps to the beat and you are set.
  • Look at your partner. Don’t stare at her chest or look over her shoulder. Don’t keep on checking your watch. Make eye contact even if you feel shy. There is nothing worse for a girl than to dance with a boy who seems to be someplace else.
  • Make conversation. Light conversation is appropriate during a slow dance. It can even diffuse the tension you may both be feeling at the moment. Talk about something safe. Ask questions. Make sure you are sincere even if it may seem like small talk.
  • Have a good time. You are at a dance so enjoy. Slow dancing should be a lovely experience for both you and your partner. Relax and have fun.
  • Apologize if you step on her. If you are not a seasoned dancer, you may accidentally step on her foot at some point during the dance. Say sorry and be more mindful as you continue dancing.

Slow dancing is danced to the tune of love songs and other similar types of melodies. The first time you slow dance can be awkward. Knowing where to put your hands and how to position your body is important to make you and your partner feel at ease. The steps are simple. All you have to do is to let the music sway you. Slow dancing is a great opportunity to get to know the girl you are dancing with. Don’t waste this golden moment. Let the music lead you and have a good time.


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