How To Soften Rough, Dry Skin for a Healthier, Younger Look

A lot of skin care products like lotions, oils, and creams have come up to provide people with a solution for better looking and softer skin. People spend their money on these products as well as on spa treatments to maintain the softness of their skin. They do make your skin relaxed and smoother. However, these expensive skin care products may not really provide a worthy solution to your problem, especially if you have extremely dry skin. There are alternatives that do not require you to spend as much. In fact, these alternatives may be found right at home.  Here are some alternatives to consider:

  • Make a lime and sugar mixture. First you would have to identify the part that you want to be treated. This will tell you the amount of lime and sugar that you need. Just take two tablespoons of sugar. Get your lime. Squeeze half of it into your sugar. Just keep on mixing it until you come up with a paste-like mixture.
  • Rub the paste. Get your mixture and start rubbing it over the dry and rough spots like your feet, elbows, face, knees, and hands. Do it for about two minutes. After, rinse it off using warm water.
  • Repeat. Just keep on doing this for about 2 - 3 times every week. You will eventually notice that your skin getting softer and smoother.
  • Take lots of Vitamin A, B and E. You may tweak your diet a little to include the vitamins that help improve skin. Leafy vegetables help replenish the moisture in your skin. You must also make sure that you drink lots of water. Dehydration can greatly reflect on the skin. You may also include fruit juices for additional vitamin intake.
  • Use oils. If you have a lot of oils in your house, you may use them as face packs. Rose water, olive oil and almond oil are some of the ones you can use. You can even add honey to it.
  • Use a banana. Bananas have skin softening potassium and antioxidant vitamin A that can effectively moisturize the skin. You can use bananas to create your very own facial mask. Get a banana and mash ½ of it. Start applying to dampened skin. Make sure that you clean your face first, of course. Leave it for about 15 minutes before taking the banana mash off. Rinse thoroughly using warm water. Pat it dry. You may do this once a week.

These are merely some of the effective skin softening and moisturizing solutions you can try.  There are actually a lot more natural and organic ingredients that can improve your skin. Some of these alternatives have known to be more efficient that a lot of those commercial skin care products sold in the various beauty supply stores.  However, do not take these alternatives to heart just yet.  It is still best to consult a dermatologist before trying any of these.  Who knows, some of these options may actually be more damaging to your skin due to an underlying condition.  It is better to be safe than sorry, as they say.


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