How To Sort Legos by Category

The Danish toy Lego has built many a wonderful childhood memories for most of us. The interlocking plastic blocks have built imaginations from the ground up and is a fun way of doing so. The real appeal of Lego blocks is that an imagination is required before you can have any kind of fun with it.

Since Lego blocks have small pieces, it is easy to lose them over the course of playing. The best thing to do would be to come up with a way to sort and store them so you can keep track of all of the pieces of your Lego set. Having a sorting system will also help you build your Lego masterpieces more efficiently and effectively.

Storing your Legos for future fun and enjoyment seems like a daunting task. But below are a few suggestions on how to sort and store your Lego blocks.

  • Use stackable containers. Storing your Lego pieces can take up a lot of room so it’s best you use stackable containers so that you can set them aside and then organize them accordingly as well. Stackable containers also come in different sizes so you can be sure you can store smaller containers inside bigger ones for maximum efficiency. If you can get transparent ones, the entire better. Transparent containers allow you to be able to see what kinds of Lego pieces are contained therein.
  • Decide your sorting criteria. Currently, there are three ways to store your Lego pieces: by color, by piece and by size. Each sorting criteria comes with its own advantages depending on how you build your Lego structures which you have to take into consideration before you begin sorting your Lego blocks.
  • By color. Sorting by color allows you to find odd pieces to complete your structures look. You can first put all of your like-colored pieces into one big container before segregating by piece size.
  • By piece. Sorting by piece means having to separate the square pieces from the rectangular pieces from the triangle pieces and so on and so forth. You can begin by putting all of the like pieces into one container before segregating them according to shape and size and color.
  • By size. Sorting by size means you have three major divisions: small pieces, medium pieces and large pieces. Sort them all according to size in three separate containers before segregating further by color, and by piece.
  • Minifigs. Lego comes with those little Lego-people commonly referred to as mini-figs. You can allot a separate container for the mini-figs before separating them by type. For example, group all of the pirate-themed mini-figs together in a small Ziploc bag. Then group all of the medieval-themed ones in another. Then group all of the Sci-Fi themed ones in another.
  • Accessories and animals. When it comes to accessories and animals, you can choose to group them with the theme they belong to or just lump them all together in one separate container.

Sorting your Lego pieces usually is best done with the kind of building technique you apply. If you prefer to build the structure first, sort by piece. If you build by segments before putting the whole thing together, sort by color.


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