How To Speak Japanese

Learning how to speak a variety of languages is valuable nowadays. With rapid globalization, it has become crucial to understand and speak a number of languages when doing business with people of other nationalities. One such language is Japanese. Many people aspire to learn how to speak and comprehend such a widely used language. However, learning Japanese may be a little difficult because of the unique way of pronouncing words. Also, the Japanese accent seems to be hard and snappy, as compared to the soft and easy cadence when speaking the English language. Learning materials are readily available and there are many specialized foreign language classes. With determination and the right amount of patience and discipline, you could practice speaking Japanese in no time! Here are some tips on how to do so.

  • Focus on your goal. When aiming to speak Japanese, it is important to have a lot of determination and willpower. It’s not easy to learn a foreign language so you need to stay focused in order to achieve your goal. Do not get sidetracked or frustrated.
  • Ask for help. Look for someone who knows Japanese well. Sign up in a foreign language class so you can learn to read, write and speak Japanese. Look around your local vicinity and find those who are really fluent in the language. You could also try locating people online. Visit forums so you can meet and converse with other people learning the language.
  • Grab the opportunity. If you have met people who are fluent in the language or those who are actually native speakers, see to it that you are able to practice speaking Japanese with them. You could also ask for some tips and pointers on how to speak the language. Pay particular attention to the pronunciation of the words. The Japanese language has differences between genders that you have to understand. If not, remember that there is no harm in asking.
  • Purchase helpful reading materials. Purchase materials from your local bookstore. Most practice books make you reenact a particular scenario like greeting people and what to say when shopping or ordering food. Practice this with other people in order to gain more experience of the Japanese way of speaking. There are also language learning tapes you can listen to in the car so you can become more familiar with it.
  • Embrace Japan’s culture. In order to have a better feel of the language, it is good to actually learn about the Japanese culture. Sing songs by popular Japanese singers. Watch Japanese movies, read and watch Manga and Anime. If possible, go to Japan. Nothing beats traveling to Japan and learning from the native speakers themselves. Unfortunately, this becomes rather impossible for some people who live far away from the country.
  • Join organizations. If you have the time, join Japanese social clubs and organizations. Doing so would let you have a support system as well as your very own niche where you can learn to speak the language fluently. Visit your local Japantown to find a Japanese community in your area.

Learning a particular language has its own set of difficulties. However, with the above-mentioned tips and with a lot of determination, you’ll be ready to speak Japanese effortlessly.


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