How To Speak Spanish

If you are planning to learn a new language, Spanish is a good choice. There are many people who speak Spanish. In fact, Spanish ranks third to Mandarin and English. Clearly, it is advantageous to learn it. Here are some tips and suggestions on how you can speak Spanish.

  • Evaluate your reason for wanting to learn Spanish. Your reason for learning Spanish as well as how much time you have to learn to speak the language are important factors that you should consider. If you are just going on a short vacation, then it will suffice to study the basic Spanish phrases. You do not need to go into the details of correct Spanish grammar and syntax. You can even survive using only context clues by knowing just a few Spanish words. These key words can even help you in communicating to a native speaker. If you are going to permanently live in a Spanish-speaking country, then it is best that you study the language intensively.
  • Everything starts from knowing the basics. You should first learn the basic Spanish phrases. There are a lot of ways by which you can get past this point. Buy a “How to Speak Spanish” book for beginners or borrow one from the library. You can also exploit the power of the world wide web in disseminating information. There are a lot of websites that offer online Spanish lessons. Some even allow you to watch online videos and import sound files so that you can also hear how to properly pronounce and say the words. To make the most out of this, you can say the phrases out loud so that you can listen to yourself. Record yourself so that you will be able to correct mistakes in pronunciation and articulation.
  • Enroll in an introductory Spanish lesson. You can do this if you think that learning the basic phrases is not enough. In most cases, you will be taught how to speak Spanish in simple situations like buying something from a store, ordering in a restaurant and asking or giving directions among others. You will also be taught basic vocabularies that can be used in carrying out those conversations. Try to learn as much as you can and practice regularly so that you will not easily forget the lessons.
  • Take an intermediate Spanish lesson. If you want to have a deeper knowledge of the language, you can move up and enroll in an intermediate Spanish lesson. You will be taught the different verb tenses, how to conjugate verbs and how to use adjectives. Expect that a new set of vocabulary lessons will be given to you.
  • Move on to an advanced Spanish lesson. You can opt to take an advanced lesson to get really serious with speaking Spanish. It will be best to take this if you are going to live in a Spanish-speaking country for a long time .

Learning a new language can be very difficult, but no one limits you from having fun while learning. If you are familiar with Ugly Betty, you can watch online clips of its original Spanish version, which is Betty la Fea. You can also add Spanish songs on your playlist and listen to it while you are in the gym or while driving in your car.


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