How To Spend Spring Break in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Itching to find a great place to party on your next spring break? If you live and study on the East Coast, look no further than paying a visit to Cape Hatteras, a place long associated with unforgettable summers on the beach and rich in history. Here are ways on how to spend a wonderful time in this vacation place.

  • Location. Hatteras is a community on the Outer Banks Island of Hatteras. North Carolina Highway 12 passes through, connecting it to Frisco and Ocracoke (via a ferry in Hatteras). This island also has the famous Cape Hatteras and its Lighthouse in Buxton.
  • Access. If arriving from air, the nearest commercial airports to Cape Hatteras are Norfolk International (in Norfolk, VA), Newport News-Williamsburg International, and Raleigh-Durham (NC). From any of the airports, you have to rent a car (or a van, if you have a lot of buddies) to drive all the way (but a part of the journey necessitates going by ferry).

    As with other famous vacation spots, Cape Hatteras becomes packed during summertime, so it’s wise to get there early and pre-season.

  • Where to Stay? There are beachside hotels that you can rent, but cottages can be rented if you and your friends can split the cost of renting one, depending on how many days you would be spending. Just do not fill a cottage beyond the needed capacity, or you will be evicted without hesitation.
  • What to Do? Everyone knows that Cape Hatteras is great for both fishing and fun under the sun, sand and sea, as it has many opportunities for you to go sightseeing, engage in recreation, and sunbathe, relax or swim on its beaches. Anyone who loves water sports will find Hatteras a great place to go to, as either side of the village – the ocean and the sound – has the best of both worlds. Surfboarders will encounter excellent waves, because Cape Hatteras is close to where the Gulf Stream and the Labrador Current meet, thus generating large waves. Those wishing for calmer waters can take advantage of Pamlico Sound, as activities such as kayaking; windsurfing, kite boarding, and swimming are all available.

    As Cape Hatteras has been considered a National Seashore since 1937, great strides have been made to preserve the Outer Banks Islands, turning them into a superb place for sightseeing and appreciating nature. Prominent landmarks on the island include the 208-foot Cape Hatteras Lighthouse (the tallest brick lighthouse in America since 1870; was relocated in 1999 to a more solid site), and off the cape is considered the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” due to many shipwrecks in the area. Also, there is the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, dedicated to protecting wildlife within the area.

    There are restaurants and bars on the island, but as much as the place seems great by day, nightlife at Hatteras is pretty much limited because of its size, as all businesses close early by 9:00 PM. Instead, you may have to be content on holding a party at your rented cottage, as long as you do not make too much of a racket.

Overall, if you like to have your spring break be memorable without having to put up with crowds and rowdies in other spring break towns, and you want to simply relax from the college grind, Hatteras is the place to be.


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