How To Spice Up a Beige Room

Beige colors are neutral and usually uninteresting and dull. You may be caught in a situation where you are enveloped in an atmosphere of this bland color, thinking it was the best way to go at first. Beige can be quite boring, and if you are beginning to feel some amount of dissatisfaction over your existing beige-colored walls, there are still ways to spice them up with creative arrangements and designs. With some artistic knowledge and a little bit of patience, you can arrange the room yourself and save some money. The following steps can help you spice up a beige room:

  • Determine your budget. This rule follows if there is a need to buy extra accessories and furnishings. However, there are ways to liven up a dull room without spending much. Formulate a plan on how to arrange and accessorize the room by making a sketch and adding notes. List the assets and aesthetic downsides of the room, and analyze how to make the space look better.
  • Accessorize the space. Beige easily blends with anything so you can add accents with bold hues such as purple, red, orange, and turquoise. Buy a vase collection then scatter them throughout the bookshelves or cabinets. You can also group this objects together to make them look more attractive. Colored pillows in these shades work effectively as well.
  • Make the beige look intentional. There are designers who use beige as the primary design color. So, if you’ve bought a pre-owned house with beige walls and you aren’t satisfied, then add layers of various textures such as opulent draperies and comfortable rugs for additional interest. If you’re planning to build a house, allot quality time to think of your preferred design. Ask opinions from housemates to consolidate ideas. Try to be practical but remain creative when thinking up your designs.
  • Display paintings and photographs. Buy a painting or make one yourself. Gather the family and ask them to make paint splats. Have a basic theme for this project. This will form a focal point in the room. Your space could even resemble an art gallery. You can also make a huge photograph collage from different family photos. Ask everyone to choose photos and take part in the project. Use photo manipulation from a graphic imaging application like Photoshop. Frame the project and display it.
  • Add a slipcover or loose cover. These covers are normally made out of cloth and they can completely change the whole look of upholstered furniture. They can amplify or complement beige walls. They are also great for seasonal changes, moving, cleaning, and storing. To save money, ask local furniture companies to tailor furniture clothing for you, or look for them at local thrift stores.
  • Rearrange the furniture. Sometimes, there are certain arrangements that are just downright boring. Rearrange them according to what you think will look good. Look through home improvement and design magazines to get extra inspiration. Use elements of design like contrast, harmony, texture, shape, and color to complement or give contrast to the dull beige wall color.
  • Remove items that don’t compliment your arrangement. There might be a chair or lamp that doesn’t fit into the current arrangement. Put that item in another room where it can be used best. Alter arrangements every season or whenever you feel like it so you are not easily bored.

It’s really fun to arrange a room especially if you have your own space. You can read design or homemaker magazines for further ideas. Just keep on arranging until you’re satisfied. Ask opinions from other people because there might be design flaws that you may have missed.


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