How To Spin Mohair Yarn from Goat Hair

Mohair yarn can be made using goat hair. The specific type of goat that produces this kind of yarn is called the Angora goat. These goats produce very fine and very long hair that can reach over a foot in length. This makes it easy for you to spin the yarn. Here’s how.

  • Choose your tool. First of all, you will need to determine the tool that you will use for spinning goat hair. The easiest way to do this is by using a drop spindle, which is relatively inexpensive and is very easy to use. Keep in mind, however, that you have other options. There are some people who use traditional looms in order to spin the goat hair into yarn. There are some others who can spin goat hair by hand. This will make for very delicate yarn, but is also one of the most difficult ways to spin the goat hair.
  • Wash. to start, you will need to wash the goat hair first. You can get the goat hair from a specialty shop that sells textiles and fibers that can be transformed into textiles. Or, you can also buy the goat hair from online shops. To wash, you will need to take a large bucket filled with cold water. Place the goat hair in it and add some shampoo. Leave overnight, and then remove the water. Add some warm water and then spin in a washing machine for around three minutes. Take out the hair and then let dry in open air.
  • Spinning oil. Now, you will need to add some spinning oil. The spinning oil is usually made from animal oil, and is used to make the strands of fur more manageable and easier to work with. You will usually need only a drop for each pound of goat hair. Make sure that you work the oil into the goat hair very carefully, so that the oil is very evenly distributed. Otherwise, some strands will be very oily while some other strands will be very dry.
  • Attaching to the spindle. Now, you will need to roll a handful of goat hair in your fingers, so that you are able to make a long base thread. This base thread can then be attached to the hook in the drop spindle. Once it is attached in the hook, take the fur and thread it through the holes in the spindle. Once it is attached, place the end of the fur in the container where the reset of the fur is placed. Start rotating the spindle, and guide the end of the fur thread, so that it is always fed with new fur. The fur will usually clump together such that there will always be a line being spun.
  • Ply. After you have finished spinning all of your goat hair, the final step is for you to ply the goat hair. You can ply it with just another thread, or you can make thicker threads by plying three or more threads. The type of clothing that you want to make from the goat hair will determine the number of plies that you will need.

With the easy steps above, you should be able to easily spin goat hair into mohair yarn.


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