How To Split & Join Tracks on GarageBand

GarageBand is an Apple software program used to create audio files such as songs, instrumental recordings, and podcasts. GarageBand is generally an easy-to-use application. If, for example, you want to split a track and join the split part to another track, GarageBand offers a very straightforward procedure. Specifically, here’s what you should do.

  • Determine where you want to split the track. This should be done by listening to the track. Note at what point you need to make a split. Look at the time meter, so you can put the playhead at the right spot.
  • Select the track you need to split. Click on the track you wish to work on. Notice that the track will turn into a darker shade, indicating that it has been selected. Now, put the playhead at the portion where you want to do the split.
  • Do the actual split. You can do this by going to Edit menu, and then click on Split. Alternatively, you can use the CMD+T split command. Your track now will be divided into two at the spot you earlier indicated. If there is a need, you can also make multiple splits. You only need to select the tracks and do the same splitting process.
  • Make sure your tracks can be merged. If you want to join tracks together, you need to ensure that are they close to each other and that they belong to the same audio type. Take note of this, especially if you need to merge several tracks.
  • Select the tracks you wish to join together. Again, you can do this by clicking on the tracks. The tracks will appear darker in color once selected.
  • Combine the tracks. On the Edit menu, choose Join. You can also use the CMD-J command. This should bring the selected tracks together.
  • Listen to the joined track. Play back the merged track, so you can assess whether you have achieved your desired effect. It is best if you play it several times. Note the part where you’ve made a merge. Does the track run smoothly? Are there any distinguishable changes in the audio quality? Make adjustments if needed.
  • Export your project. You can export your audio project to iTunes as soon as you are done merging the tracks. Do this by clicking Share, then select Send to iTunes. With iTunes, you can play back the audio file, download it your iPod, or burn it. The file will be saved in AIFF format, but you can change the file format if needed.
  • Practice using GarageBand. It will be to your advantage if you master the splitting and joining features of GarageBand. Most of your projects will most likely use these features, and mastering them will save you a lot of time and energy.

If you haven’t tried using GarageBand before, it will be wise if you read your manual before splitting and joining tracks, or doing any other type of audio project. The manual can help you understand the software and give you step-by-step guide in using all the other features. In case you don’t have a manual, you can download a free copy from the Internet.


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