How To Spot Fake Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry is beautiful and eye catching. With its vibrant and unique hue of blue, turquoise jewelry can really add a dramatic element of color to any ensemble. In many cultures, turquoise is said to bring good luck to the wearer. This is why it is a coveted stone in some places and is often used by royalty in their jewelry.

However, there are quite a few fake turquoise jewelry pieces in the market. Unless you have a trained eye, it can be quite tricky to differentiate the authentic piece from a fake one. Here are some things to help you determine if the piece you are holding is a fake.

  • Don’t buy from an unknown seller. If you want to stay away from the fake stuff, then you need to buy your jewelry from reputable distributors and jewelry stores. If you buy from private individuals or a hole in the wall store, you have no way to verifying if the piece you are getting is real or made from resin.
  • Do check the color of the stone. Although color is not necessarily an indicator whether a piece is real or fake, you should still take a look at it. Real turquoise tends to have a deep blue green color. Fake ones tend to look pale with white edges. Also, if the stone looks too glossy, it’s probably a fake.
  • Do check for opaqueness. Real turquoise should look solid. If you put it up against the light, you shouldn’t be able to see right through it. If you can, chances are, it’s not a real turquoise stone.
  • Do check the price. Depending on the style of the jewelry and the number of stones used. Turquoise jewelry can sell for a few hundred dollars to upwards of over a thousand dollars. If you find a piece that seems to be greatly under priced, you should think twice about getting it. Unless you personally know the seller and you can really determine if a stone is fake or not, pass it up.
  • Do ask for documentation. When you buy the piece, ask for a written appraisal of the jewelry. If the jeweler can’t produce one or gives one to you that is prepared by an unknown or unreliable source, it may be a fake.

When you find a piece of turquoise jewelry that you like, take the time to really study it. Hold the piece in your hand and get a feel of the vibration of the stone. Think about the items that you can wear the turquoise with. Turquoise necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings can be worn with formal or casual clothes, depending on the overall setting of the stones.

Make sure you buy your jewelry from an established and trusted jeweler so you can be sure you are getting good quality pieces. If you are getting the turquoise elsewhere, ask a trusted friend who has a keen eye fro spotting fakes to check it out with you. Once you make the purchase, take care of the jewelry properly and it should last you for several generations.


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