How To Spot Knock Off Prada Purses

Designer bags, though expensive, are must-haves due to their high resistance to wear and tear and their imperative role in the development of the so-called couture style. These bags, which include brands like Prada, also boost the self-esteem of the people using them since the names they carry are iconic in the growing fashion industry. As a response to their immense popularity, many knock-offs have appeared in the market that are cheaper (hence they are more accessible) but are much lower in quality. However, a problem now arises because some knock-off purses look similar to the authentic ones that buyers cannot distinguish one from the other.

Below is a list of the things that you need to take note of to help you determine if a Prada purse is authentic or not.

  • Inspect the logo. Scrutinize if the word Prada is actually misspelled. Many knock-offs use Prado or Proda. Also, the right leg of the letter ‘R’ in Prada must be curved and not straight. The logo should be embossed on the plate, which is usually of the same color as the bag and is attached to it with even, stout stitching.
  • Check the digits. All authentic Prada purses have either a control number or a control card and an accompanying certificate of authenticity inside. If you look closely, you should be able to see the same numbers printed on the card are also printed on the lining of the bag. There should also be a tag inside that says Prada Made in Italy. This is very important especially if the bag is sold without its complementary dust cover.
  • Feel the material. Prada purses are usually made up of high-quality thick leather or canvas. If the material feels like plastic or synthetic, then it is most likely a knock-off. Their weight also matters. Authentic Prada is unusually heavy for a purse because of the materials used.

    The inside part of the bag must have a lining made up of fine leather or velvet, of the finest cotton, or satin with the Prada logo embroidered repeatedly onto it. The seams and stitches must also be perfectly hidden from view and are even, hence no loops are missing. Also observe if the handle or strap has no frays or stray threads.

  • Scrutinize the tiniest details. All metal parts of the bag, such as buttons, chains, zippers, clasps, buckles, and closures, must have the word Prada engraved on them. These must be made of antique brass, so if you see signs of rust, then the purse is most probably a fake. The zippers are always of high quality so they are not catchy or rough upon unzipping.

The best thing for you to do is to purchase from a high end department store that you trust. Do not risk buying from online stores or from eBay since this will prevent you from checking the product yourself. Remember as well that these purses don’t come cheap. If someone sells you a Prada bag worth $20 and claiming that it’s authentic, then you would know better than to buy it.


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