How To Spot Signs of Relapse in Bulimia Patients

Bulimia nervosa is a serious disorder that should be treated immediately. People who are bulimic would use the binge and purge method to lose weight. They would eat a large amount of food in a short period of time. After which, they would force themselves to throw up the food that they have eaten. People use this method to enjoy eating what they want to eat without having to feel guilty of eating too much.

There are many ways to treat bulimic people. However it is important to monitor them. Relapses may occur if not monitored frequently. Here’s how to spot signs of relapse in bulimia patients.

  • Observe them physically. Relapses in bulimia patients would show in their physical appearance. If they look worn out or exhausted characterized by bloodshot eyes, dark under eye patches, dull eyes and drooping eyelids, chances are they are relapsing bulimia patients. Observe their hands as well. If they have bruised knuckles and brittle nails, they are relapsing bulimia patients. Observe their bruises. If their bruises heal slower than usual, they are relapsing bulimia patients. Relapsing bulimia patients tend to get bruises easily.
  • Observe how they walk. Relapsing bulimia patients tend to walk slower than usual. This is because they are often dizzy and light headed. They need to walk slower to maintain their balance. They often hold on to walls or people for support.
  • Observe their weight. If they suddenly appear to have gained or lost five to fifteen pounds, they may have relapses. Sudden gaining of weight is caused by water. The weight gain is not because of the food they eat but the body’s absorption of water. They look bloated because of the water gain.
  • Listen to them. A key to know if they are relapsing bulimia patients is to listen to them. If they complain about constant migraines and dizziness, there is a big chance that they are relapsing bulimia patients. They may also complain about stomachaches. Observe changes in their voice pitch. Some may have a hoarse voice due to a sore throat. Sore throats are indications of relapsing bulimia patients. Listen to what they are saying. Relapsing bulimia patients are usually depressed. They do not accept compliments. Listen to their stories. If they keep on complaining about anything from weight issues to looks, chances are they are relapsing bulimia patients.
  • Observe their rooms. If they have stored food in their room, chances are they are relapsing bulimia patients. They would usually hide them in places that are unseen i.e. under the bed, inside the closet, etc. Check if they have laxatives or other pills that they can drink to induce vomiting.
  • Observe their demeanor during meals. If they eat quickly and ask to be excused from the table, follow where they are going. If they head to the bathroom, listen for vomiting sounds. If they are relapsing bulimia patients, chances are they would throw up what they have eaten after every meal.

It is important to always maintain a healthy relationship with the bulimic patient. It is important to have conversations with the patient to let her know that you are there to support her. Always encourage her to fight the urge to binge and purge food. Make sure they trust you.


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