How To Spray Paint your Car Door

Usually, the entire car body is painted over; however, there are instances when only a portion of a car needs to be painted. Whatever the reason for this, spray painting just a portion of the car is definitely easier and less time-consuming than painting an entire car. The main difficulty lies in making sure that the paint in that area remains consistent with the paint on the rest of the car. Definitely, you will need to know the proper procedure for accomplishing this. If you wanted to paint just your car door, for example, make sure that you follow these steps:

  • Prepare the car door. Clean it with soap and water to remove any grime and dirt. Apply a deglosser or anything that could take off its old paint. You need to start with a clean and smooth car door if you want to have a smooth finish. After the deglosser, it usually needs sanding. This will remove any remaining speck of paint on the door. Use rougher sandpaper first and then follow it with finer sandpaper. Continue on sanding the surface until it is clean and looking brand new. Remove the sanding dust to see if there are any dents or scratches. Repair these with putty before starting the paint job.
  • This is the most critical part. You need to be very diligent and detailed when covering areas to be protected against the spray paint. If possible, detach the door from the car, which should be easy for vintage cars. Modern cars, however, have electric connections in the door and taking it off is more complicated. Consult your manual about this. But to play it safe just protect the other areas and you should do just fine.
  • Apply primer paint. This is necessary to help the car’s body in absorbing the spray paint Apply the primer as instructed byProtect other parts of the car. the manufacturer and let it dry completely.
  • Spray-paint the car door. Prepare the spray paint first as instructed by the manufacturer. Usually, it has to be shaken or it has to be mixed with other elements. Apply the paint after that. Hold the spray upright and start spraying on the car door. Apply the paint evenly on the surface. Wait for the first layer to completely dry before applying a new coat of paint. Let the paint dry completely; this could take about two days.
  • Apply car wax. Polish the newly-painted car door with your favorite car wax. Remove the masking tape from the other parts of the car.

Spray painting a car door is typically a job left to professionals. But it wouldn’t hurt if you give yourself a chance to do it. Besides saving a few bucks, you will learn something new that will help you save more money in the future. Just make sure that you do this safely by doing the job in a well-ventilated space. If not, you will be suffocated with sanding dust and spray paint, which could lead to serious health problems. Better be safe by following the necessary precautions before you start the paint job.


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