How To Spruce Up an Empty Wall

An empty wall in your house is a great opportunity for you to do some decorating. If you have an empty wall, here are some options and tips to help you fill it up and get the empty wall all spruced up.

  • Change the paint color. If you have lots of empty walls in your home, one of the best things for you to do is to simply change the color of the paint. There are some wall colors that look like they can stand out alone. Go for vibrant colors, such as bright and perky shades of blue, red, and even purple. To make your wall stand out even more, divide the wall into 3/5. The bottom part should be smaller, and should be a different, complementary color. The 3/5 rule is called the golden section, and is visually pleasing. Make sure that you consult your color wheel when choosing colors. For instance, you can pair up a rich red color on the wider top with a muted, dark brown color for the lower bottom of the wall.
  • Add a photo. Another option is for you to use that wall to display your most cherished photos. Remember, there is no point in taking all those pictures if you will not display them. Instead of relying on photo albums alone, purchase a bunch of frames and place the photos on your wall. Buying frames in bulk allows you to save up on money. You can either purchase a set of frames that are all of the same size and then arrange them side by side right at the center of the wall. Or, you can purchase photo frames of various sizes and then arrange them in a cluster at the center, which gives the room a playful look.
  • Add lights. Lights are also a great way for you to spruce up an empty wall in your house. For instance, you can add corner lights so that there will be a play of light and shadow in your wall. Sometimes, this will be enough to spruce up an entire empty wall. Try installing multiple lights at different angles, to create different effects. You can even use different light colors, as long as you make sure that the light colors match the color palette that you have used for the rest of the house.
  • Add plants. Another way to spruce up an empty wall is by adding tall plants near it. Make sure that you look for plants that do not require too much watering and too much sunshine. Or, you can even install “L” frames on the wall so that you can hang small potted plants right on the wall.

Finally, you can take the utilitarian approach to sprucing up your walls by taking a couple of hooks and then attaching them on the wall. Afterwards, you can use the hooks for hanging your bag, or your coat. In a very large wall, these hung objects can actually look pretty, because they break up the monotony in the wall. With these steps in mind, you should be able to easily spruce up your empty walls.


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