How To Start a Handyman Service - Classified Advertising

It’s not unusual for people skilled in repairs to adopt a full-time livelihood as a handyman. If you’re interested in this kind of job, remember that your goal should be to score enough clients so that you will be able to generate a comfortable income. Set a target monthly income and determine the prices you will charge for your services; these figures will help you derive an estimate of the number of the number of customers you should get. Once you’ve got this settled, the next question is how you will be able to attract at least this number of clients.

  • Create your own website. Creating a website can be pretty difficult if you want to make it from scratch. You will need to know how to do HTML encoding at the very least. If you can’t make your own website, however, you can hire other people who can do web design for you. There are plenty of freelance web designers and developers who can help you out here. Make sure that you make a website that looks professional and trustworthy.

    Another option for you is to use existing platforms like social networking sites and free blog sites so you could create a standard page to advertise your services. At the very least you will be able to let your friends and contacts know of your business.

  • Add your contact details. Next, you will need to make sure that you add your contact information to your website, as well as a list of the various types of handyman services that you offer. In fact, your website should contain all the information that a potential client needs to know about you, including your fees, the areas that you service, and your past relevant work. This is because your website will basically work as your ‘office’ in cyberspace which you can link people to when you start posting in online classifieds and forms.
  • Post in online classifieds. Now, you can begin posting your services in online classifieds, and one of the most popular online classifieds is Craigslist. The best thing about Craigslist is that there are many users and you can easily specify the location where your services are available, as well as the specific type of work that you do. You can make an account and make advertisements in Craigslist for free. Just visit the site and start posting. Make sure that you update your advertisements every now and then, however, because the older ads are eventually pushed back as new ads are placed. Also make sure that you place your ads in the “jobs” category, since you are not actually offering a job, but offering your own services.
  • Post in online communities. Another place where you can post your classifieds is in online communities. If you live in a particular town, for instance, there may be some community websites for that particular town. You can try posting your advertisements in these forums as well. Use as many online forums and communities as possible, including social networking sites related to the area which you service.
  • Post in newspapers. Finally, also consider posting classified advertisements in newspapers as well. This is not free, unlike when you post in online classifieds. But, there are still a lot of people who rely on newspaper classifieds for finding handymen.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to easily advertise your handyman services in classifieds – both in print and on the Internet.


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