How To Start an Office Birthday Club

Many people spend most of their lives in the office. From nine in the morning to five in the afternoon, you will likely be in the company office where you work, and the people that you will encounter most often are your coworkers. One of the best ways to make the office atmosphere more friendly and light is by establishing an office birthday club. With an office birthday club, everyone can pitch in and help when celebrating a coworker’s birthday. Here are some ways how.

  • Ask around. First of all, you will need to ask people whether or not they want to set up an office birthday club in the first place. There are some offices where the people are very close to each other and will like the idea, probably because they already prepare for other peoples birthdays, and the idea of an office birthday club only makes this easier. There are, however, some other offices where an office birthday club idea may not be taken up so eagerly. If you are working in a very large office, you may want to limit the scope to a department, and you may want to email your coworkers instead.
  • Contributions. If you get a consensus that the office birthday club should be started, you then need to discuss the contributions that the people in the office must make for the office birthday club. Remember, you will need funds in order to have some money to buy the birthday cake, the birthday card, and the other party needs for the person having the birthday. This is the entire point behind the office birthday club. If you have a large office with many workers, five to ten dollars each month will usually be enough. If you have a smaller office with only a couple of workers, you may want to increase the amount of money to be contributed. Make sure that you also assign one treasurer for the club. The treasurer will collect and safeguard the money for the club. The treasures must also have a logbook where notes on where the money is being used are written. This way, there will be transparency within the office birthday club.
  • Calendar. Next, you will need to get a large calendar that you can place in the office lounge. The calendar will be where you will pencil in the name of the workers in the office, in their corresponding birthdays. This way, when someone has a birthday coming up, everyone will be reminded about it and can prepare beforehand.
  • Birthday party preparations. Once someone’s birthday party comes up, the people in the office can get some money from the funds that the treasurer has collected and then use these funds to buy a gift for the person who is celebrating his birthday, and buy a cake as well as some drinks that everyone can enjoy at the office.

A birthday club is a great way for workers in a single office to feel more comfortable at each other through birthday celebrations. And because everyone celebrates their birthday each year, everyone will have a turn at the birthday club.


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