How To Stop Being Hungry by Eating Protein, Fiber and "Good" Fat

Diets can leave you feeling hungry, depressed and irritable. There are many types of diets out in the market, but most consist of some level of deprivation. Whether it’s cutting back on carbs, fat or going vegan, many diets can’t be done realistically in the long run.

One approach to dieting that is reasonable and doable is to eat lean protein, increase your fiber intake and consume the right type of fatty foods. By eating a well balanced meal, you can relieve the hunger pains you are feeling and stop feeling so deprived.

  • Eat breakfast. To set your metabolism right for the day, you need to start off with a good breakfast. Make the breakfast low in fat but include a source of protein. For example, you can have a bowl of steel cut oats for fiber and serve it with some nuts and soy milk or skim milk. When you eat a light breakfast, your blood sugar levels won’t dip so that you end up binging the rest of the day.
  • Choose lean protein sources. You need protein to build muscle. If you eat meat, switch from breaded pork chops to grilled chicken breast. Choose beef with a minimal amount of visible fat and less marbling. Protein makes you feel full right away, so mind you serving sizes. Chew your food well and listen to your body signal to let you know you’ve had enough.
  • Consider tofu and soy products. Meat isn’t the only source of protein. You can also consume tofu, edamame, soy milk and other soy based products. These are also rich in protein that you body can easily metabolize. If you don’t like soy based products, you can also eat beans, which are high in protein and fiber.
  • Eat nuts. Nuts are not only a source of protein but also a great source of good fats. Instead of reaching for an order of large French fries, get a handful of walnuts instead. When having pasta, make pesto with pine nuts. Amp up the protein and good fats of your salad by adding some walnuts and pecans on your plate.
  • Switch to whole grains. Get rid of refined and white products. If you’re looking for fiber, eat food items made from whole grains. Examples are brown rice, whole grain bread, and quinoa.
  • Use olive oil to get monosaturated fat. Use extra virgin olive oil when you make a salad dressing to reap the benefits of the good fats in it. The type of fat you don’t want is found in butter, margarine and many baked and processed foods. Read the label and stay away from saturated fats and transfat. The type of fat you want is monosaturated fat. This type of fat actually lowers cholesterol. Other excellent food sources of good fats include avocados and salmon.

By making simple changes in the way you eat and how you prepare you food, you can lose weight without going hungry. Consuming a diet rich in the right balance of protein, good fats and fiber will help you feel fuller and satisfied.


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