How To Stop the Smell from Farts

Farts are definitely embarrassing. One factor that makes it so is the smell produced. It can make some people dizzy and other people gasping for breath. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to keep the sound of your fart from being heard, its smell begins to consume the entire room and you would still be left in your seat trying to pretend that it was not you. It gets worse if everybody finds out you did it.

For most people, the smell is more potent than the sound of the fart. If the smell of your fart is worse than the sound, know that you can always do something about it even if it is part of human nature. There are several things that can stop the smell of your farts. Find these out below.

  • Make use of Subtle Butt. You may use this discrete product to conceal the potent aroma of your fart. Just peel the pad's adhesive off. Place the pad's sticky part inside the back of your underwear, the part that will be flush on your butt.  After doing that, observe if Subtle Butt works. Once you fart, you will notice that the pad conceals the smell. Once you get home, you may remove this pad from your underwear. If removing it proves difficult, consider soaking the pad in warm water to soften the adhesive.   
  • Watch what you eat. If you will notice, the food that you eat contributes to the smell of your fart. Of course, a fart can never smell good. But, there are times when you would find the fart to be not so smelly. There are certain foods, such as egg, that will make your fart aromatic in a negative way. If you are really serious about stopping the smell of your farts, watch what you eat.  
  • Watch where you fart. Although this does not really technically take away the smell, going to a bathroom or a room where you are alone will at least hide the smell from other people. Not only is this the more proper thing to do to save other people from the torment of your fart, it would save you from embarrassment as well. This should be the proper etiquette when you are in a restaurant or at the dining table. People are eating and the smell of your fart is among the last thing they would want to smell. It can destroy their appetite and if they find out it was you, it will be another embarrassing moment for you.  

Make it a habit to be conscious of your fart. Some people do not care anymore where they do it and do not realize the inconvenience it brings to others. When you follow the above steps, you will notice a vast improvement in fart odor. People who have stomach problems often use Subtle Butts. Of course, if having a pad smack dab on your butt is uncomfortable for you, consider doing the next best thing, hide your fart the best you can.


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