How To Store Coconut Water

Many coconut lovers claim that coconut water has health benefits. A refreshing and cool drink, coconut water, when taken regularly, helps regulate the secretion of fluids from the body through the bladder. Young coconuts are usually sold with the water inside, giving a cool way of enjoying sweet coconut water along with the soft coconut flesh. Today, coconut water drinks are now sold in disposable cans and carton containers. However coconut water can spoil fast and most of the time simply refrigerating it is not enough to keep it fresh longer. Here are suggested ways on how to store coconut water:

  • Prepare some items that you will use in storing coconut water. You will need Ziploc plastic bags, ice cube trays, container with cover and fresh coconut water. You can use a plastic, glass or aluminum container provided the cover is airtight and leak proof.
  • Purchase fresh coconut water in carton containers or cans. Open the containers and pour the contents into a container with airtight cover. A thermal container may be used if you have one available. The reason why coconut water easily spoils is because it ferments very quickly even under normal conditions. Hence you need to find a way to make it last longer.
  • Cover the container filled with coconut water very tightly. Place in the refrigerator and consume within one week since refrigeration time. You may want to place the coconut juice in the freezer for longer storage, however the container might burst as it is airtight. When frozen, the airtight container will increase in volume and thus expand. Since it is tightly covered, there is no way for air to escape and it stays inside waiting for release – thus causing the container to burst.
  • Pour the coconut water from the carton or can into a large Ziploc plastic bag. Seal the plastic very well and freeze. This method will allow the coconut water to stay fresh and fit for consumption for two months.
  • Fill ice cube trays with fresh coconut water. Freeze and consume within 60 days. Each time you want a fresh coconut water drink, just place the ice cubes in a glass and allow them to melt before drinking.
  • Freeze coconut water in their original can or carton containers. Keep them unopened while in the freezer. Consume the frozen drinks within two months. Each time you want a drink of coconut water, just take out one can and thaw it until it is ready for drinking. You can also bring frozen coconut water with you when you go out, along with your packed lunch. At meal time your coconut water will have thawed and liquefied already. You may store coconut water in can and cardboard containers in the refrigerator (not freezer) to attain just the right coldness that you desire. However they can stay fresh for only a few days, after which you need to discard it already.

In order to ensure that you do not forget the date when you stored the coconut water in the freezer or refrigerator, write the dates on the containers. After the expiry date, take out the unconsumed coconut water and throw it away. Never leave it in the refrigerator when it is no longer fit to drink as someone might unknowingly drink it.


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