How To Store Extension Cords

Do you not wish sometimes that every gadget you use is cordless? Well, of course you cannot have every wish you make. Take for instance your extension cords – with its long wire and all. Much as you may sometimes dislike using extension cords because they often get tangled, these devices are indispensable especially when you need a spare electric socket or you need to plug in a gadget that is far from the wall. But you do not necessarily have to use extension cords all the time hence there are times you just have to store them in a safe place. To store extension cords, read these tips:

  • Categorize the extension cords. There are heavy duty extension cords that are literally heavy due to the thickness of the cable and there are also lighter ones that are made of thinner cables and less heavy sockets. Based on the types of the extension cords, determine where you will store them. The heavier ones naturally will have to be kept in more sturdy shelves or cabinets.
  • Find a container or box where you can load in the extension cords. To avoid exposure to elements, the cords must be placed in a closed box before storing. A wooden or metal box is okay because it can hold more weight than cardboard boxes. You can also use empty buckets of paint (with five gallon capacity).
  • Wrap it around. Start by winding from the plug going inward until the coil reaches the socket portion. The trick in doing this is to hold one end of the cord between your thumb and forefinger. Next, wind the cord from your elbow up to your fingers until the cord is fully coiled.
  • Tie both ends of the coiled cord. Cut several pieces of insulated wires, with each piece long enough to go around the coiled cord. Tie the ends of the coil as well as the middle part with the wire pieces. The cord is ready for storage.
  • Use the empty paint bucket in storing the extension cord. Wind the cord at the bottom of the bucket, starting with the plug part and going on and on until the socket part is left on top of the coil heap. You may store more than one extension cord in the bucket by piling the coils on top of the other. However make sure you insert a circular carton or thin plywood in between each coil to segregate the coil from each other. Cover the bucket with its lid and set aside in a corner or in your utility shelf in your garage.
  • Label the containers where the extension cords are kept. Indicate what kind of cords are inside the boxes or buckets so you will have an easier time locating the ones you need to use. It will be nice if the buckets or boxes are identical for the purpose of uniformity. It is like cataloguing books in a library or items in a store display. Stack the buckets or boxes in a designated area with the labels on the outward side for easier identification.
  • Store the buckets containing the extension cords in a clean and dry place. Extension cords are electrical gadget hence you have to make sure they are kept away from getting wet. Too much heat will also damage the cords so keep them as well in normal room temperature.

As with any gadgets, extension cords must be kept away from children’s reach. Place them in the storage room in your house and lock them in. Extension cords can cause accidental strangling among children who, out of curiosity may pull the cord out and play with them.


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