How To Store Fireworks Properly

You always hear advice that you should not use fireworks during the holiday (4th of July) because of the danger they pose. However tradition speaks that the celebration of the 4th of July somewhat lacks in luster without fireworks. The only option for you then is to learn how to be careful in storing fireworks. So you may have bought fireworks days before the celebration and you need to stash them safely somewhere. After the occasion there might be some leftovers as you were not able to light everything during the celebration. In this case, read the following tips and learn how to store fireworks properly and safely.

Survey your house (inside and outside) and look for a place that is the least hazardous to fire. The lawn is out of the choices because it is open and direct heat from the sun will certainly ignite the fireworks. So then roam farther around and find a safe shed or storage room away from your house. This is a safe place for fireworks.

  • Check the storage area for any risky spots. The room should be well ventilated with air freely flowing in and out the openings. The temperature must be constant most of the time because fireworks require a certain level of temperature in order to keep it cool always. The roof should be strong and whole with no slits or cracks to ensure cool temperature at all times.
  • Remove all kinds of possible sources of fire. Matches, lighters, torches, stoves and the like should be taken away from the storage area. Fuses and circuit breakers must also be far from the spot where you will keep the fireworks.
  • Wrap the fireworks in old newspapers. Arrange the fireworks in such a way that the strings and other attachment are neatly tucked in. Place them in a box and put down the cover.
  • Place the box containing the fireworks on top of a table. Remember not to keep fireworks in closets or cabinets because there is very little air coming in, if at all. The table on which the box of fireworks stands should be moved far from windows and doors through which sunlight creeps through.
  • Know your local laws that govern the storage of fireworks. Every state gives out regulations now and then on the proper and safe use of fireworks. Find out if there are local laws as well, that prohibit keeping of fireworks in homes. If there are, go to your local safety officer and inquire about proper disposal of your remaining fireworks.
  • Leave a standby fire extinguisher near the storage room for the fireworks. Should an accident occur and fire erupts, you can quickly and easily extinguish the fire before it can grow.
  • Keep the storage area accessible to entrance and exit. There should be no blockades at doorways, windows and pathways. To ensure everyone’s safety, all possible precautions must be made to prevent the fireworks from exploding.

If there are no other occasions where you can use your leftover fireworks, you might as well dispose them rather than keep them in your home like you have a time bomb that may explode anytime. Fireworks explode unpredictably hence you must be careful and aware all the time of their presence within your home. Should you want to get rid of them, seek help from authorities and they will certainly extend assistance.


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