How To Store Jigsaw Puzzles

Whether you are a jigsaw puzzle collector or a parent who picks up loose pieces from time to time, you will find it helpful to have puzzle storage. Puzzle storage will keep the puzzle intact and help organize puzzle pieces. You have several options for puzzle storage. In this article, we will list down some of the options.

  • Keep the puzzle pieces in a Ziploc bag. Because Ziploc bag has a sealable lock, you are assured that no puzzle piece will go missing. You can use a Ziploc bag especially during a travel. Make sure to put in the bag a copy of the puzzle picture, so you know the image you are trying to produce. Write a label for the puzzle pieces as well. For example: 13x11” Kids at the beach.
  • Use a plastic container. It can be a mayonnaise jar, a bottle, or a microwavable container. Plastic is ideal because unlike glass, plastic doesn’t break (very important especially if it’s your child completing the puzzle), and unlike paper, it is not easily torn. There are several plastic containers that you can use, but it is best to pick a clear container, so you can easily distinguish the puzzle pieces. This is important if you are keeping lots of puzzles. If a clear plastic container is not available, you can stick a label on the container, which indicates the puzzle picture and name.
  • Store the puzzles in drawers. You can put boards and puzzle pieces in separate drawers. In one drawer, put the puzzle boards on top of one another, but make sure they are properly labeled. The labeling method you used in the puzzle pieces must be the same method to use in labeling the puzzle boards. In the other drawer, put all the containers of puzzle pieces.
  • Keep them in shelves. If you don’t have available drawers for your puzzle boards and pieces, shelves are a good alternative. Again, you can put the puzzle boards on top of one another. But since this makes it hard to distinguish the boards and get one without messing up the arrangement, it will be better if you arrange the puzzle boards in a book-like setup. This means that the puzzle boards are arranged vertically. For more support, the boards must be standing on their long side. Now, get all the containers of puzzle pieces and place them in the shelves. If you are using Zip-loc bags, it will help if you put them all in one big bag or container first.
  • Use a puzzle mat. This option is used for keeping an unfinished puzzle. It usually has a felt surface on which you can put the puzzle pieces together. Puzzle mat is ideal to have if you are working on difficult and big puzzles that take a lot of time to complete. With a puzzle mat, you won’t be worried about disintegrating the puzzle and losing some of the pieces. It is rolled up for storage.

If your family is into puzzle collection, it is practical to invest in good puzzle storage. When properly stored and safely kept, puzzles can be passed on from one generation to another.


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