How To Straighten Natural Hair

Many hair straightening methods and techniques require the application of harsh chemicals. These chemicals can bring negative effects to the hair strands and scalp. Those hair solutions can even damage the hair permanently, making it more unmanageable. Once you have started applying those chemical methods, you have to continually undergo the same treatment for maintenance. However, straightening the hair through natural methods is the safest way you can apply. Read on for some guidelines:

  • Prepare the things you will need. You will need the following: hair straightening shampoo and conditioner, towel, hair clips, hair lotion, hair gloss serum, a wide-tooth comb and fine-tooth comb, hair dryer and flat iron.
  • Wash the hair. You can comb your hair before you go to the shower so that it won’t create too much tangles once you are done washing it. Shampoo your hair and rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Apply conditioner. Squeeze out the excess water from your hair then apply conditioner. It’s best that you use hair-straightening conditioners. Leave the conditioner on your hair for about fifteen to twenty minutes to moisturize it better. Rinse with cold water, as cold water improves shine.
  • Dry the hair. Massage the towel onto the hair to dry it. Squeeze out water thoroughly so it won’t be hard for you to blow dry the hair later. Once the hair is adequately dry, apply some protective cream to the hair for protection against dryness.
  • Blow-dry your hair. Comb the hair using the fine-tooth comb, making sure to get rid of the tangles. A fine-tooth comb is gentler on wet hair and will cause less hair fall.

    Part the hair into four vertical sections so that it will be easy to handle them during blow drying. Place the hair brush under the hair shaft, while placing the blow dryer on top of the hair shaft. Slowly glide the blow dryer together with the hair brush, putting tension on the hair brush to “pull” on your hair and promote hair straightness. Do the procedure at least three times per section of the hair.

  • Flat iron your hair. Now that you are done with the blow dryer, you can now do the last part of the task. Before flat ironing your hair, apply the gloss serum to the hair for a shinier and sleeker look.

    On every section of the parted hair, get a thin layer of the hair and run it through the flat iron. Do this systematically to make sure you don’t skip a part. Then get another thin layer and iron it. Do the same procedure for your entire hair until you are done. It is advisable that you work with thin layers when ironing your hair for a straighter result.

Giving your hair different kinds of look is really fun. When you are bored with your hairstyle, it is nice to know that you can change it in anytime you want. Do realize though that straightening your hair the natural way can take quite a lot of time and effort on your part, so be sure that you have at least a half day clear so you could complete this task without being in too much of a hurry. Have fun!


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