How To Streak Hair

Bored with your hair color, but you’re not quite ready to have it completely dyed? Of course, you could opt for a subtler change: getting your hair streaked. This alternative will instantly give you a chic and sophisticated look, if done properly. Read on for some guidelines for streaking hair:

  • Choose the best color for you. How successfully you will recreate your look will depend a whole lot on whether you choose the right color for your highlights. The rule of thumb is, if you’re a brunette, you should choose a highlight that’s as close to your natural hair coloring as possible (unless of course, you really aim to shock); if you’re blonde with a pale complexion, you should stick to vibrant colors so you could avoid looking washed out. Check out this article to guide you on what color highlight you should choose for you.
  • Consider using a streaking wand. This is simply the easiest and most straightforward way to streak your hair. These wands resemble mascaras, and they come in a lot of different colors; plus, they are pretty inexpensive, too! The trick to using a hair streaking wand is to start as close to the roots as possible; this will help you avoid looking as if you accidentally brushed your hair too close to wet paint.
    If you don’t want to use a streaking wand, you could purchase specially-designed kits that come complete with everything you need for streaking your hair. These kits should contain at least the following: the cream, which would dye your hair and a streaking brush.
    Experts recommend that you not use the hair streaking caps also available, because these are usually very hard to use especially if you’re going to be streaking your own hair.
  • Prepare your hair. You should start with clean and dry hair. Comb your hair and part it naturally.
  • Know where to start. Placing the streaks onto your hair is actually pretty straightforward: just apply the product where you want the streaks to appear. Do remember this guideline: avoid making the streaks too chunky, as thin, subtle streaks are usually the way to go. You should also avoid putting the streaks right where your natural part is: the best place is about a half-inch to an inch from the natural part of your hair.
  • Apply the dye or lightener. Grab a thin portion of your hair, and raise it straight up. Get the brush, dip it on the dye or lightener, and start applying it to as close to the roots as possible (however, avoid your scalp at all cost! This chemical could cause irritation, which in turn could cause unsightly spots to appear on your scalp). From the roots, go straight up until you reach the tips of the hair.
    If the kit doesn’t come with a brush, you could use a straight comb for application instead.
  • Wait for the dye to dry completely. Check the manufacturer’s label for information on how long you should wait. Once it’s dried, wash your hair to set the dye.

There you have it! These are the steps for effectively streaking your hair. Make sure that you have adequate time (about a half day) to do this project so you won’t be in a hurry and make mistakes. You should also make sure that you wear old clothing: the chemicals you use could bleach clothing. And if you’re doing this for the first time, it’s best that you highlight your hair sparingly: you could do more the next time, when you’re more comfortable with the process. Good luck!


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