How To Strengthen Clairvoyant Ability

Clairvoyant ability is the capacity to use your intuition to gain knowledge or information about a person, place or thing. It’s when you just get a certain feeling about something, although you may not be able to logically explain how or why. It’s shown in instances when you know who is calling even before you answer the phone, or when you have a gut feel about something, which later comes to fruition.

Everyone has clairvoyant ability although in varying degrees. Some people are more sensitive to their abilities than others. If you’d like to strengthen your clairvoyant ability, there are some things you can do to develop your gift.

  • Learn to meditate. Meditation is key to developing your psychic gifts. You need to learn to be able to relax and open your mind while suspending all judgment. You start to meditate by closing your eyes and releasing all stress and negativity. Focus on slowing down your breathing and relaxing so you can achieve an alpha state. Next, allow your third eye to open and allow yourself to be sensitive to different energy vibrations around you. During the course of your meditation, you may suddenly see a vision of something or have a feeling about someone. Meditation allows you to physically slow down so you can start to listen to more subtle energies around you.
  • Listen to your gut feeling. When you have an intuitive thought, pay attention to it. Don’t dumb it down or pass things off as coincidence or judge it to be silly or impossible. For example, when you meet someone, don’t you sometimes have an automatic feeling about that person? There are those you meet that you just feel comfortable with, whereas there are those that you just feel negative about right at the onset. Listen to these feelings. The more you listen and learn to trust your intuition, the better you will get at it.
  • Do further readings. Check out different books that can help you with your clairvoyant abilities. Many renowned psychics have written books on exercises that you can do, as well as personal accounts that can relate to.
  • Get someone to guide you. If you know someone who is particularly gifted, talk to that person. Ask how you can refine your intuition. Getting a mentor to guide you can do wonders for strengthening your clairvoyant ability.
  • Practice. If you want to improve your skill, you need to keep practicing. Do daily meditation exercises. Use your intuition whenever you can. Make it a habit to use your clairvoyant ability before you make a major decision to see if you can gauge an outcome.

If you’d like to develop your psychic abilities, you can do so through various means. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be charging people to tell their future or that you’re a freak. Strengthening your clairvoyant ability will allow you to get in touch with your whole self and allow you to be more sensitive to other people around you. It’s a natural gift and a skill that you can explore and further develop.


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