How To Strengthen Thigh Muscles

People can have long or short thighs, thin or round. Whatever lengths and sizes your thighs are, you should do your best to strengthen your thigh muscles while you are young. This way when you get older, you can still do the things that you love such as walking, running, swimming or even dancing. No need to fret, you do not have to spend lots of money to attend the gym, or buy an exercise equipment. Just read and follow the following steps below to find out how to strengthen your thigh muscles.

  • Use the stairs. If you need to go down or up for just a couple of floors, use the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. Here is a tip: it is easier to go down than up the stairs. So you can try using the stairs to go down even if it is more than a couple of flights. To pass the time, try counting the number of steps per flight of stairs.
  • Take your dog out for a walk. Some people take solitary walks or leisurely strolls to have some peace and quiet. But if you do not like walking by yourself, why not take your best animal friend with you? By walking around the block or at the park with your dog, your thigh muscles (and your dog’s muscles too) get some much needed exercise from just sitting in front of your desk the whole day. You also get to save some money from not hiring someone to walk your dog for you.
  • Go to the pool. Swimming a few laps around the pool would strengthen your thigh muscles due to the leg kicking action of propelling yourself forward. Interchange your swimming styles among a crawl, backstroke or butterfly to use different parts of your thigh muscles. If you are a beginner in swimming, you can try holding on to the sides of the pool while practicing the different leg kicks.
  • Don’t become a couch potato. This does not mean that you have to avoid watching TV or movies altogether. But instead of just sitting down, or lying on the bed, do some leg stretching. If you are sitting down, lift your legs up until it is parallel to the floor (or your chair). Alternately raise your two legs. You can also do this leg lift while lying down on your back, or on your side. A variation for the leg lift in a lying down position is to bend your knees toward your head, and then straighten your legs again.
  • Eat your meats. Well, not just meats, but you must eat a complete balanced meal. Your body needs protein to maintain and repair any damaged cell or tissue in your body. The most common source of protein is meat. If you do not like eating meat, fish or soy products are also a good source of protein.
  • Take the bike. When going to school, office or other nearby destinations, use a bike instead of a car. The pedaling action strengthens your thigh muscles due to the contraction and expansion of your muscles. Using a bike is also environmentally friendly and helps to reduce the harmful gases in the atmosphere.

When doing these activities to strengthen your thigh muscles, use proper footwear (if necessary) and drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself. Just as you take care to improve your external appearance, you must also remember to take care of the inside of your body.


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