How To Strengthen Weak Fingernails Naturally

Are your nails too soft that they easily break at the slightest pressure? Do you envy the girl with longer nails than you? Just as with the rest of your body, nails need to be taken care of too. Nails are not just for decorative purposes. They serve to protect the bones and skin underneath your fingers. Did you know that nails are made up of keratin, a hardened type of protein similar to the keratin in your skin and hair? Here are some ideas on how to strengthen weak fingernails naturally.

  • Stop biting or chewing your nails. Young people at one time or another tend to bite or chew their fingernails either because of stress, or just simple boredom. You must put an end to your childhood mannerism and let your nails grow.
  • Clean your nails regularly. Regular manicure helps to stimulate the nails. But avoid removing the cuticles. If you cannot do it yourself, go to a salon. Be careful of the nail cleaning equipment. Ensure that they have been properly cleaned after the previous customer used them. To be safe, you can bring your own cleaning set for the manicurist to use on your nails. Do not leave the nail polish on your nails for extended periods of time. Your nails also need to ‘breathe’. Check the composition of your nail polish removers. If they contain acetone or formaldehyde, avoid using them as they would weaken your nails even further.
  • Avoid using strong detergents, soaps, etc. Use rubber gloves to avoid getting them on your nails. These strong liquids would worsen the status of your nails further. You can also use soaps with moisturizers. They are not only good for your nails, but for your entire skin as well. After washing your hands, lather on some lotion or hand moisturizer to prevent your hands and nails from drying.
  • Eat a balanced diet. People who want to lose weight sometimes skip eating their meals altogether, with the result that their body does not receive the proper nutrients it needs to be healthy. Primarily, your nails need Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calcium and Vitamin B12 among the other nutrients. Your nails will be fine as long as you eat a well-balanced diet.
  • Remind your doctor to include checking your nails in your annual physical check up. A thorough physical check up from head to toe is important. The condition of your nails corresponds to a respective condition of your body. If your eyes are the windows to your soul, your nails reflect your health condition. At the first sign of any discoloration or unexplainable changes with your nails, consult your doctor. A dermatologist would be able to correctly identify any bad nail condition and advice you on the proper actions to take that would specifically address your nails’ concern.

Remember, healthy strong nails are indicators of your over-all health condition. As you grow older, the average growth rate of your nails slows down. So as early as possible, take care of your nails. Know how to strengthen your fingernails naturally and your nails will take care of you.


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