How To Style an Asian Mullet

Asian mullets are a modified styling to the 80’s mullet that is now gaining popularity due to the anime characters on television and movie screens. It is a bit tricky to achieve the right look since a little mistake may make you look like you really are from the 80’s. There are a couple of things that you need to achieve this look and they are listed below, along with the tips on to execute it quickly.

What you will need:

Comb or a brush
Blow dryer
Some hairstyling products such as hair wax for a matte finish
Extra hold hair spray

  • Getting the right hair products. Since this style should look fresh and feathery on the sides, the right hair styling products matter. Normal hair gel will not work since this will make your hair look shiny and clumped together. What you need to get is a pot of hair wax, which is like hair gel but is matte in finish. It also does not clump your hair as much and you can do the feathery finish at the tip of your hair with this product. You can usually “activate” hair wax by getting a coin sized amount on your fingertips, then rubbing them briskly together to heat it up a bit and then apply it lightly on your hair.
  • Prepping your hair for the styling. Once you have your hair products and equipment with you, start by washing your hair and then drying it either with your towel, a blow dryer or the electric fan. When your hair is damp to dry, this is the time that you can straighten it out with a flat iron.
  • Straightening the hair. When the hair is ready, get a coin-sized amount of hair product on your finger tips and then work it on your palm. Work your hands through your hair. Remember that it is always easier to put on more product than to remove excess ones. Section off your hair and then run your flat iron through it in a moderate sliding motion. Be careful not to linger too much on a section or else you will risk burning your hair. Start by straightening the portion of your hair that is near the neck and under the top layer of hair then work your way upwards and forward. When you have straightened all of your hair out, you can move on to the next step.
  • Styling to a mullet. Once you have prepared your hair, you can now take the center section of your hair and roll it either via Velcro rollers or by the use of a curling iron. Roll them upward and backwards to achieve the mullet look and spray with extra hold setting spray to keep them together. The left over hair to the sides should lie flat to emphasize the chunk of hair on the top.

If you will need to have your hair in this hairstyle for a long time then you might want to consider going to the salon to have your hair professionally straightened out to save you on prep time.


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