How To Style Hair for Gymnastics Meets

Gymnasts have specific needs when it comes to styling their hair especially during a competition. Since their routine would involve a lot of movement and at the same time requires precise positioning in their mat or equipment, there must be no obstructions to their visions. This means that hair must be neatly tucked and pulled back, especially for the ladies. Hair falling onto the face may be a source of distraction during a routine and must be avoided at all times. If you are tasked to prepare the hair of a gymnast for a competition, read the list of instructions below so that you can do it properly.

What you will need:

Hair products such as hair gel, hair spray with maximum hold and control
Bottle of water with a spray attachment
Fine toothed combed or brush
Multiple ponytail holders for securing the hair
Foam curlers
Bobby pins
Hair clips
Ribbons for the hair
Sparkle hairspray

  • Preparing the hair of the gymnast. You first need to prep the hair for the products that you will pile on it later on. This means you need to make the hair moist enough to absorb the hair spray. You can do this by spritzing the hair with some water placed in a spray bottle. When all of the hair is wet, especially those around the edges of the face, get a lump of hair gel and spread it through your palm. Then run your hands through the gymnast’s hair to evenly coat it with hair gel. Get a second or third lump if necessary since your gymnast’s hair might be a bit thick.
  • Tidying up the hair into a ponytail. When you have prepped the hair, comb through it with the fine toothed comb or brush to pull it back of the head of the gymnast. Make sure you get all of the strands, especially the smaller ones towards the forehead. When you have gathered all of them, wrap the end with a ponytail holder. Use multiple bands so that you are securing it tightly. Then pull it tight to the base of the neck so that it sits tightly to the scalp.
  • Braiding the end of the ponytail. If your gymnast’s hair is long, you can braid the end of the ponytail so that it doesn’t swish freely as she moves. When you are done braiding to the very end of the ponytail, secure it again with an elastic ponytail holder then wrap it like a bun around the base of the ponytail. Secure the braided bun with several bobby pins or if you have a bun case that you can put over the bun to keep it from coming loose. Spray the bun with lots of hair spray so that it holds into place. Make sure you have at least four bobby pins on it. If the end of the ponytail is too short for braiding, this is where the foam curlers come in. Twist the hair into the curlers and spray with maximum hold hair spray. Bend the curlers and let it set for an hour or so before removing it.
  • Cleaning up the rest of the face. Inspect the perimeter of the face if there are any loose strands coming out. Most likely there will be and you need to place bobby pins especially in the bangs area to ensure that they won’t fall out during a routine. Remember that a gymnast’s routine involves a lot of tumbling and fast movements so loose placement of ponytails or bobby pins can immediately come loose.
  • Placing in the final decoration. Depending on the outfit of the gymnast, you can add a ribbon on the bun to make it colorful or other hair accessories that will not interrupt with the vision of the gymnast such as silver bobby pins for the bun. There are also glitter hair sprays that you can use to finish the look and at the same time, adds on to the hold of the hair so that it does not fall out during the routine.

Take a good look on to the mirror and see how your hair styling went.


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