How To Style Hair with Bantu Knots

Tying your hair into Bantu knots is an interesting way to style your hair. This hairstyle is of African descent and has been used by a lot of individuals over time. It is an easy way to keep hair off one's face, but it also comes with it a certain quirkiness and style. If you want to wear this kind of hairstyle, all it takes is some patience. The article below will guide you through the steps on how to create this hairstyle for yourself.

  • Detangle your hair. This hairstyle requires that your hair be smooth and tangle-free. Before you create this hairstyle, it is best that you wash your hair and apply conditioner liberally. This will allow you to detangle your hair quickly, and it will also make sectioning your hair easier too. You can also apply a detangling solution or gel to your hair as soon as you rinse your hair, to keep your hair extra soft and smooth.
  • Section your hair. You can now begin parting your hair into sections. The normal Buntu knots are made up of 1 inch sections, but you can adjust this according to your preference. You can section your hair in uniform sizes, or you can come up with different sizes. Longer hair typically gets the larger sections, but it really depends on you. You can also create designs and patterns on your head, depending on how you part your hair. Remember that bigger sections will create bigger knots. Try a diagonal part, or even a diamond-shaped pattern. There are endless ways to do design your hair, and you can experiment any way you want to.
  • Twist the sections. Take one section of your hair and twist it into a tight knot. You can spray the length of the section with water first or with a shine serum to keep the knot smooth. Twist until the knot collapses on itself. You may braid the sections first before twisting them to give it a different texture and look. Knot the twisted hair into a tight nub, and firmly hold it in place. Do not make a knot of your actual hair; you will only end up damaging your hair if you do this.
  • Secure the knot. With some cloth hair ties, secure your hair knots firmly. Tuck the ends of the hair into the knot you created and gently wrap the hair ties or ribbons around it. Use hair accessories that are similarly-colored to your hair so it won't show. Don't tie your hair tightly so you won't break and damage your hair.
  • Add other accessories. To spruce up your Bantu knots, you can add clip-on beads and rhinestones to your hair. This creates a fun vibe to your hairstyle. If you are attending a prom with this hairstyle, you may stick on some pretty jewels to get a glam look.

Give your hair a break from time to time. Don't wear Bantu Knots all the time. Give your hair a rest by putting down your hair regularly. Always condition your hair before and after you put up your hair in this style. This will avoid your hair from breaking all the time.


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