How To Style the Front of the Hair for an Updo

Create chic buns and soft waves in your hair by doing it Updo style. This style made a major comeback on the red carpet thanks to young celebrity trendsetter and Grammy winner Taylor Swift and award-winning actress Natalie Portman. Now it’s your turn to create this look and make heads swivel your way as you walk down the street. Learn a couple of variations of the Updo so you won’t tire of it. You won’t have a hard time doing it, that’s a guarantee!

Prepare the following.
Curling iron
Hair spray
Fine-toothed comb with a long forked handle
Large mirror
Lots of bobby pins
Black rubber band
Hair accessory like a butterfly pin

  • Use the curling iron to create curvy curls in your hair. Create large and small curls for best results.
  • Combine hanging and French rolls Updo. This will be the first of two styles to learn.
    • Use the fine-toothed comb to part your hair into different sections.
    • Pin each section with bobby pins.
    • Leave the front section loose as you’ll work on this one first.
    • Smooth out the hair in the front section.
    • Pin this section behind each ear. The left section goes behind the left ear and the right section goes behind the right ear.
    • Take the sections behind your ears and form the number 8.
    • Use the bobby pins to secure the section that’s shaped like the number 8.
    • Spray a fine mist of hair spray to secure the front section.
    • Divide the lower section of your hair into five sections.
    • Twist each section and make crisscrossing patterns all over your head. Pin each section with the bobby pins. When you’re done, this section should be shaped like a mermaid’s tail. Use a large mirror to view said shape.
    • Use an up-and-down direction when securing each section of your hair with bobby pins so that you hair doesn’t come loose.
    • Finish up this look with a fine mist of hair spray.
  • Create a Dignity roll. A Dignity roll is a series of large rolled up hair sections on top of and at the base of your head. Imagine a head full of rollers, only this time you’ll have a bunch of rolled-up hair in place of rollers.
    • Gather your hair up in a ponytail.
    • Secure your ponytail with a black rubber band.
    • Comb your ponytail to free it from tangles.Twist this ponytail upward to create a long and horizontal bun.
    • Let any excess hair protrude from the bun.
    • Use bobby pins to secure the bun.
    • Twist excess sections of hair and roll each section up according to the natural direction of your hairline.
    • Continue making twists and rolls until no section of your hair is left unsecured by bobby pins.
    • Complete the task by spraying hair spray on your entire head to hold the style in place.
    • Pin a hair accessory on the side of your head for a glamorized Updo.

The Updo works best for those with shoulder-length to long hair and is ideally suited for formal events like weddings and awards ceremonies. You’ll look your most gorgeous self when you go for this hairstyle on these very special occasions.


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