How To Submit a Children's Book to Random House Publishing

If you are an aspiring writer for children’s books, one of your ultimate goals is likely to have your manuscript for publication. And Random House Publishing, with its international presence and longevity in the industry, might be one of your main targets. Here are some important guidelines to remember if you are looking to submit a children’s book to Random House Publishing:

  • Finish your book. You should do this before you look into having it published. You should also prepare a query letter, which is a one-page synopsis of your manuscript plus some details about your own credentials as a writer.
  • Know the deal about publishing through Random House. First of all, Random House Publishing doesn’t accept unsolicited manuscript; they work by requesting known authors to write manuscripts for them. Editors at Random House won’t even read work that they hadn’t requested for. With that being said, the best move for you is to gain experience as a writer, have your work published, and later on as your reputation builds up you could begin to target such international publishing houses.
  • Have a literary agent. If you are really intent on publishing your manuscript through Random House, and if you feel that you have adequate writing experience already, you might still want to try your hand at submitting your work there. However, do know that you still shouldn’t submit your manuscript personally; you should have a literary agent represent you. A literary agent is in charge of getting you connected to publishers, convincing them to publish your book, and making sure that you get the best deal. However, finding a literary agent is more applying for one rather than hiring per se. You should write to a good literary agent and give them a copy of your query letter and your manuscript; if they think your work is good enough, they would agree to represent you. It’s best that you hire a literary agent who has worked or coordinated with Random House Publishing before.
  • Consider working for Random House Publishing. This is a great way to gain a foothold into this company. They offer many career opportunities, starting from interns, to entry-level positions, to professionals and experienced professionals. Check out the careers section of their official website for listings of currently available positions. If you get the chance to work at Random House Publishing, you would have the opportunity to get to know the editors. After you’ve been working for some time, you could approach these editors and pitch your manuscript to them.
  • Attend writing seminars and workshops. By doing this, you won’t just be able to further hone your writing skills; you would also be able to network with more people who would help you get one step closer to your dream of being internationally published. Be on the lookout for editors who work for Random House; ask to take a few minutes of their time and get them to listen to your story book idea. If they seem interested, you could hand them a copy of your manuscript and have them give it a look.
  • Build up your resume. With all the tips above, the best way is still to build up your own writing experience by submitting your manuscripts to smaller publishing houses or even to magazines and newsletters. The important thing is that you gain experience as a children’s book writer, and eventually, established publishing houses may just be clamoring to have you write for them.

Remember, as with most other professions in the creative arts field, it’s very important that you gain experience and prove that your skills are really worth investing in. Of course, pluck and tenacity will also help you get to your goals. Good luck!


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