How To Succeed at a Singing Audition

If you want to sing professionally, you will need to handle singing auditions well. Singing auditions, however, can be very nerve-wracking especially since getting the job depends on your audition. With these steps, however, you should be able to succeed at a singing audition.

  • Practice. First of all, you should make sure that you practice very well. Talent, you must remember, is developed and is not born. Even the best singers in the world have taken years to fully develop their talent. They may make singing look very easy and effortless, but all good singers have worked to improve their voice and their style. Do not expect to be able to pass singing auditions if you do not put effort into training your voice. Just like any other art, singing requires patience and dedication.
  • Choose your song well. In most instances, you will only be allowed to sing one song for the audition. Because of this, you need to choose your song very well. Remember, the key is to look for a song that matches your voice. You don’t need to have a vocal range that spans several octaves. What counts the most is that you choose a song that you are comfortable singing and which showcases the best in your voice. This means that songs that require very high notes should be avoided – unless you really are comfortable with the high notes. Don’t think, however, that judges will look favorably at failed attempts to sing songs that are out of your league. Also avoid songs that are simply too complex or challenging. Remember; unless you are a professional singer there is no reason why you should sing an aria for your audition.
  • Confidence. Also be sure that you show confidence in your singing audition. There are few things that catch a judge’s eye as much as lack of confidence. Remember, when you don’t show confidence, the judges will notice and you will likely get lower ratings. Confidence is very important because singing is a type of performance art, and you need to be able to exude stage presence in order to get the gigs that you want. Confidence should not be exaggerated or blow out of proportion, however. Just as you don’t want judges to see you as weak and insecure, you also don’t want the judges to think that you are haughty.
  • Dress up. During the singing audition, also make sure that you wear appropriate clothes. Remember, you need to look the part, and if you want to be treated as a professional singer then you will need to look professional. Don’t wear clothes that are too skimpy, but don’t wear the same clothes that you will wear to the gym or which you will wear at home.

Finally, let the song speak for you. After your performance, do not try to explain your song or justify your performance unless the panel asks you to do so. If you performed well, then that should be enough. If you did not perform well, all the explanation in the world will not change the panel’s mind.


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