How To Survive an Alaska Winter

Alaskan winter can be as harsh as you can imagine, with the temperature going down as low as negative sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit. It can be a very scary surprise for someone who is not familiar to Alaskan winter. The winter can last for up to six months with only a few hours of daily that it looks like endless days of snow and ice. It can be quite difficult to stay in Alaska during the winter months but there are ways for you to survive and still enjoy winter in Alaska.

  • Dress warmly according to the degree of coldness. Look for surplus military gear that have been made for surviving harsher climates. Protect your feet with bunny boots – those oversized mukluks or rubber vapor barrier boots. These are quite soft and cozy to wear but will protect your feet from frostbite. Mukluks are usually made of sealskin or reindeer skin and lined with raccoon, rabbit or fox fur and adorned with beads and pompoms and have rubber soles.
  • Your body should be kept warm if you are going to be outside and one of the ways to do it is to wear polypropylene thermal underwear or long johns. These are available in men’s, women’s and children’s designs and sizes.
  • Invest in a good polar fleece jacket, which can be used all-year round until it gets very cold. By then you can use the polar fleece jacket as another layer before you don on a quality winter jacket. You should also protect your ears, your fingers and your nose from freezing by wearing the right Alaskan winter accessories. You need a fur hat, scarves and arctic mittens if you intend to go out for a few hours.
  • Keep the sun shining, at least inside your home with a sun lamp, which stimulates natural sunlight. With only a few hours of sunlight during an Alaskan winter, getting the benefits of being exposed to the warm of the sun during wintertime can do great wonders on your body as well as in lifting up your spirit.
  • Plan to have a happy and good atmosphere inside your home during the winter. Listen to happy and bouncy music and movies with lots of action and comedy. Do not watch sagas and films that deal with melancholia as these can increase the feeling of isolation.
  • Make sure that you winterize your car as you will be driving on ice for several months. Have three types of heaters installed on your car after you have checked with your car insurer. The heaters are for the block, the oil pan and for the battery to insure that your car will always be in tip-top running condition even under the most freezing weather. At the same time always keep in mind to have several thick blankets, a sleeping bag, a torch and extra batteries and duct tape stored in the trunk of your car when you go out. These items can help save you and your car in case of  minor problems. You also need a first aid kit, a small tool kit, road flares and freeze-dried food like those included in military rations.

Alaska is a beautiful place but it can unforgiving for those who do not follow the rules, which are quite simple. Dress warmly, winterize your car and your home, keep pets indoors and never, ever expose a baby to the cold or leave toddlers and young children unattended.


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