How To Switch to Bitmap Mode in Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks is your go to software if you need to create highly optimized graphics used in web development. The expressive graphics created using Adobe Fireworks can also be used on almost any device like smartphones. It features design tools that are easy to use for creating and editing bitmap and vector images. Once you are done, the Adobe Fireworks optimizes the final output for the given display resolution.

A bitmap image is comprised of pixels that are likened to small tiles connected together to make the image. Images made up of pixels are usually photographs, scanned images and other images created using one of the many paint programs in the market. To work with these, you need to switch to the bitmap mode in Adobe Fireworks. With an array of bitmap tools, you can easily edit your chosen bitmap image.

Here are the steps in switching to bitmap mode in Adobe Fireworks.

  • Load the software and image. Begin your session with Adobe Fireworks. Once you are on the main Adobe Fireworks screen, open an existing document with your bitmap image. Or, you can import a bitmap image to an existing document or create a new Adobe Fireworks document. To do this, click on the File menu while on the document then choose Import. This should open a dialog box. Choose the bitmap image file via the Look in drop-down list. Select the file then click Open. Once you see the half square cursor move it to where you want the bitmap image to appear then click on this location.
  • Open the bitmap mode toolbox. Select the bitmap image you want to work on by clicking on it twice. This will bring you to the bitmap mode. You will see the different tools available on the Adobe Fireworks toolbox. Take note that if the document you opened contains only a bitmap image, there is no need to click on the image twice. Adobe Fireworks switches to bitmap mode automatically.
  • Work on your image. Using the different tools in the toolbox, begin editing your image. Some of the tools available for use on your bitmap image are: Marquee and oval tools, Lasso tool, Magic wand, Pencil and paint brush, Rubber stamp, Drawing tools, Replace Color tool and Retouching tools. Once you are done with creating or editing the image, make sure to save before leaving the bitmap mode. You can find a red exit button on the status bar at the bottom of the document. When you click on this button, Adobe Fireworks will exit bitmap mode.
  • Note on making selections: You can make more than one selection while working on a bitmap image. Either use the Magic Wand tool or the Lasso tool in adding other selections to the current one. Press on the SHIFT key without releasing it to add selections. If you need to remove a selection, use the ALT key. Hold it down as you remove selections.

If you want to work with an image that is highly detailed in Adobe Fireworks, you need to switch to the bitmap mode. This is where you can use various bitmap tools in order to manipulate and edit your image. The newest version of Adobe Fireworks is CS5. If you have been using earlier versions, you can easily upgrade to the latest one.


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