How To Take Care of a Pitbull Puppy

A Pitbull puppy has its similarities to other breeds of puppies, but it tends to stand out. Just like any other puppies, a Pitbull puppy is cute and very adorable. What sets it apart from other breeds of puppies is its temperament. A Pitbull puppy can become very dog aggressive (that is, it tends to pick fights with other dogs), so as its owner you should exhibit good leadership and know how to discipline it. To ensure that it grows up happy and healthy, make sure that you know how to take care of it and provide it with its needs.

  • Give it a comfortable environment to live in. Pitbull puppies can burn twice the number of calories that other breeds of puppies do. Their active lifestyle calls for very spacious environments, as well as areas conducive for resting after a dynamic day. Give your puppy a nice and soft bed where it can snuggle in to rest.
  • Bring it to a veterinarian regularly. Schedule an appointment for its overall physical check up. Do not miss vaccine schedules that your puppy may need to complete. Usually, a Pitbull puppy will need its first shot at six weeks of age and each succeeding month thereafter. Have your puppy checked for worms regularly, as this will eventually affect its growth. Give the appropriate treatment in an occurrence of a parasitic infestation.
  • Feed it properly. A Pitbull puppy has a sensitive stomach, so you should feed it a highly nutritious diet within a regular schedule. Consult your veterinarian about the best food to feed it. As far as treats go, milk biscuits are fine. Have an adequate supply of water near it at all times, since a Pitbull puppy tends to drink a lot of water.
  • Reinforce discipline at a young age. Be consistent in letting your puppy know that you are guiding its actions. Reprimand it on the spot whenever it shows ill behavior or when it starts showing signs of aggression towards other dogs. Be mindful in showing your puppy who the boss is – never walk behind it. Let it follow you all the time and not the other way around.
  • Interact with it often. Though they tend to be a little bit of a fighter towards other dogs, Pitbull puppies are actually lovers of humans. They are highly sociable creatures and love to be around children. In fact, they are considered to be poor house guardians because they are too friendly, even around strangers. Promote your Pitbull puppy’s happiness and well-being by interacting with it and playing with it often. Give it train on some basic behaviors such as not leaping up to people’s laps or suddenly licking people’s faces.

In caring for a Pitbull puppy, know that your experience may not be sufficient all the time. Take the time to listen to expert ideas, especially from your local veterinarian. Pay attention to their advice about vaccination schedules, grooming, feeding, and disciplining your Pitbull puppy.


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