How To Teach a Bible Study Lesson on the Angel Gabriel

The Angel Gabriel is one the most popular angels from the Bible. He is believed to be one of the most important messengers from the Christian God and is also highly revered in other religions such as in Islam where he is known as Jibril or Jibrail. Catholics refer to him as an archangel – a title that means he is considered to be an angel of high rank.

In Sunday school, children often find stories about angels fascinating so the lessons regarding Angel Gabriel are highly anticipated and well received. If you are planning to teach a Bible study lesson on the Angel Gabriel, here are the things that you need to do:

  • Get a visual aid. There are many paintings featuring Gabriel in religious works especially during the Middle Ages. Anton Raphael Mengs has a good painting of the Angel Gabriel as he appears before the Virgin Mary before the birth of Jesus Christ. Having this sort of a visual allows people who are listening to the lecture a better handle on the topic since having a photo of something that is not easily perceived makes it more “true” or “real”.
  • Have your Bible verses ready. The Angel Gabriel appears in the Bible no less than four times. He is mentioned in the books of Daniel, Genesis and Luke. These books show what part he played in various events that transpired during biblical times. Ask your students to read these passages in their own time and have them prepare a short reaction to what they read.
  • Ask them about the significance of the Angel Gabriel. The Angel Gabriel clearly had other roles other than the gift of prophecy and telling people what was about to happen next. Gabriel while acting alone or in collusion with other angels has done acts of protection, provision, deliverance and taking care of the dead in other parts of the Bible. From these traits, you can ask your students about which part of his overall accomplishment as one of the top angels of God was the most important, touching or personally relevant to their life experience. Lessons learned that are resonant in one’s personal life are the ones that stick for a very long time.
  • Tell them what you think. There are hardly any wrong answers in an open discussion but give your students your interpretation of the Angel Gabriel story. This should allow them to see other perspectives and appreciate new ideas on the story.
  • End the session with a prayer and imbibe into your students the importance of being grateful. The take home message of the story really is to be very faithful and dutiful when it comes to serving God – pretty much how the Angel Gabriel was. He was very dependable during the times that God needed him to do certain tasks and we all should try to emulate that dedication and boundless faith.

The Angel Gabriel is one of the most interesting topics to teach in religious lessons so you already have a fighting chance in making a good lecture.


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