How To Teach yourself to Play the Piano

Did you know that playing a musical instrument helps your body treat illness? According to studies, classical music in particular lowers the blood pressure. We don’t listen to music just because it sounds good, but because we recognize how music treats our body well. In some studies, babies grew up to be smarter when classical music was played to them while still in the womb. The relation between IQ and growth and music has been indicated but has yet to be fully understood. It may seem odd to think about it now, but it really isn’t. Even as children, we can see the affects of music.

Have you ever noticed in babies how they respond more positively when the mother coos and speaks to them in a sing song manner versus when they are spoken to in a normal tone and rhythm?  Another study published in the States showed  that children who knew how to play an instrument had richer neuron connections in the brain, meaning they had a more active brain.

With so many reasons that point to the benefits of music, why not teach yourself or your child to play an instrument. The guitar and the piano are two such instruments that can be easily self-taught. In this particular article, we will teach you how to play the piano.

You will obviously need a piano for this tutorial. You can buy either a piano organ, an electric piano or  the traditional string piano. If you are hesitant to buy one, you can “practice” online with a computer simulated piano.

  • First, go to a local music shop and look for a beginner’s handbook on how to read notes. Here are few basic notes that you should know: whole note, half note, quarter note, and eighth note.
    • Eighth note. Indicated with quavers is a note pressed an eighth of a second long.
    • Half note. A half note indicated by minims is a note held for two beats.
    • Whole note.  A whole note is held for a total of four beats.
    • Quarter note. Quarter notes indicated by crochets are held for one beat.
  • If you are already familiar with the notes, you can easily locate the notes on the piano. Locate the Middle C note correctly and familiarize yourself with the keys. It is simply a rotation of notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B, then it returns to C. These notes are indicated as the white keys, while the black keys are the flat and sharp keys.
  • You may download beginner song sheets online or purchase a book at the music store. Instructions on how to read and find the notes on the piano are indicated. Some of the best books to buy are the John Hansen piano books. From beginners to advanced players, John Hansen can help you reach your potential with well crafted pieces that teach you something new with each piece. Not only does it have musical sheets, but it includes history as well as tips and technique on how to improve playing.
  • Another rich source of information would be the net. Search online on YouTube or on discussion boards to view videos on how to play the piano.  

Good luck and have fun! You may never know, within a few weeks or months you can be playing and composing like Mozart!


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