How To Tell Authentic Tiffany Jewelry

Tiffany and Co. is the epitome of sophistication and class. The merchandise and jewelry sold at Tiffany and Co. stores has become the benchmark of high quality jewelry. From diamond engagement rings to silver jewelry, Tiffany’s iconic robin’s egg blue box is symbolic of an expensive and valuable keepsake.

It’s important to consider jewelry as an investment so you will need to shell out some cash for it. However, as long as the piece is authentic, it will retain its value over time. Here’s how to tell if something is an authentic Tiffany jewelry piece.

  • It was not bought at a Tiffany and Co. Store. The best way you can be sure that the item you got is an authentic piece from Tiffany is that if you bought it directly from any Tiffany and Co. Store. If you buy the item from a third party, you won’t be sure what you’re getting until you closely examine the piece and if you have a trained eye to check for fakes. If you are considering buying a piece that is supposed to be a genuine Tiffany article, go to the store first and take a good look at the original. This way, you’ll have a basis of comparison. If you plan to buy the item online, then the only authorized retailer of Tiffany products is the Tiffany and Co. website.
  • It should have a stamp mark and show no tarnishing. If you are buying a piece of jewelry or an item made of silver, it should have a stamp plate with a mark indicating “925”. If the piece looks tarnished or it doesn’t have the “925” mark of sterling silver, then it is likely to be a faux piece. Also, the writing on the jewelry should use Serif font instead of Ariel Sans Serif.
  • Check the craftsmanship. Look at the quality of the piece. Are the edges rough? Does the piece look well made? How are the details? A true Tiffany piece has remarkable craftsmanship. There should be no rough or uneven edges. If you are buying a chain piece, then the links should be well soldered closely together.
  • Feel the weight of the piece. If you compare an authentic piece with a fake, chances are, the fake will feel lighter than the real piece. If possible, try to compare the weight of both pieces. An authentic tiffany piece will feel solid in your hand.
  • Check the price. If you are getting a bargain basement deal for a piece of Tiffany Jewelry, then alarm bells should be going off in your head. Real Tiffany jewelry sells for up to thousands of dollars, so if you’re being offered a piece by a third party retailer for a steal, then you should proceed with caution.
  • Check the design. Make sure that the style or design of the piece you are being sold is actually part of the collection produced by Tiffany and Co. If you’re not sure, go to the store. See if there’s a catalog or go online to see the details.
  • Check the box. The Tiffany box is a very distinct robin’s egg blue. A fake box is usually more green than blue. If the item comes in a pouch, it should be made of suede and have a special lining inside. The craftsmanship of the bag and packing should also be very clean. If the item comes wrapped in plastic, it is a fake since Tiffany doesn’t use plastic in its packaging.

Keep these in mind when shopping for Tiffany products. It is best to buy directly from the company to ensure you get authentic pieces.


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