How To Tell if She uses Botox

Women usually use Botox to make their appearances better. Botox is usually done to the lips and eyes. It usually smoothens the skin and muscle to make them look more relaxed. It is usually done to reduce fine lines that show aging. Botox is becoming more and more popular nowadays because it is a safer way to reduce fine lines rather than going under the knife.

It takes skill to distinguish a person who uses Botox. But here are some tips to discern if they do use Botox.

  • Look for traces. People who recently had a Botox injection done have traces of the procedure left behind. Small red marks around the eyes and mouth are usually due to Botox. Because the doctors would inject needles, these traces are evident after a Botox treatment. The marks would usually stay for a couple of days after a Botox treatment. Some marks may be permanent depending on the reaction of their skin to the needle. People who recently got a Botox around the eyes would usually wear sunglasses to cover the marks. Check whether the person wears sunglasses inside and outside a venue. Even in dark places, these people would not remove their sunglasses. Observe if they do.
  • Observe if t she does not appear for a couple of days. A person who uses Botox would usually let herself heal before going out. Try to recall her appearance before she “disappeared.” Compare how the look from before to the moment she re-appear to you.
  • Observe the eye area. People get Botox around the eye area to reduce wrinkles. Botox can also reduce laugh lines. Because Botox helps smoothen skin, check if her lines are gone or reduced. There is a big chance she is using Botox if there are reduced wrinkles and laugh lines.
  • Observe her lips. Women who get a Botox on the lips would normally have smooth, fuller lips. Observe if her lips look fuller compared to before. Her lips may appear unusually fuller compared to before. Chances are she got a Botox.
  • Check for aging. A Botox treatment usually lasts for three to eight months. Signs of aging usually appear between these months. If after the eight month signs of freshness start to appear again, changes are she uses Botox.
  • Observe her attitude. Women who get a Botox are more confident. Because Botox enhances their beauty, they prefer to go out more. They show off their “natural” beauty by lessening the use of makeup.
  • Observe her movement. Some Botox treatment paralyzes muscles therefore limiting movement. Check if the person can squint her eyes when she smiles. If she has the same expression regardless of emotion, chances are she uses Botox.

The easiest way to determine whether or not she uses Botox is to ask her bluntly. She may or may not respond to your question. Chances are she will reveal the truth one way or another. If she denies the Botox, check for signs if she is lying. It is easier to spot people who use Botox on their lips rather than on the eyes. You will need to be very good in discerning fine lines around their eyes.


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