How To Tell if Someone is Pregnant

Rather than being in an awkward situation of asking if a friend is pregnant but is actually not, look for signs and symptoms if someone you know truly is pregnant.

Here are some signs and symptoms to tell if your friend is pregnant or not.

  • Check if she often feels sick during the morning or if she often has headaches. During the early stages of pregnancy, morning sickness or nausea usually occurs. Because nausea occurs, it can cause a woman in her early pregnancy to vomit often. It is termed morning sickness because many women often experience nausea in the morning. This is because blood sugar levels are low in the morning. However, morning sickness does not only occur in the morning but can occur any time. Because of the hormonal changes, headaches usually happen. Lack of sleep and stress also causes headaches.
  • Check if the person uses the bathroom often. Pregnant women frequently use the bathroom. This is a result of the pressure on the bladder caused by the baby. If the pregnancy stage is still early, check for possible vomiting sounds instead. During the early stages of pregnancy, vomiting often occurs.
  • Check if she is often dizzy. After vomiting, a person gets lightheaded and feels dizzy. This would usually last for a very long period. Because a pregnant woman often feels dizzy, she may prefer to rest than do strenuous activities. Observe for fatigue. She is also often tired because of hormonal changes.
  • Check for any emotional changes. Hormonal changes also cause a pregnant woman to have emotional changes. She may be unusually moody. She may often get upset quickly. However this can vary with different women. Some women are not as moody compared to others.
  • Observe her body and actions. Check for possible weight gain and bloating. Because a pregnant woman loves to eat, she will gain a couple of pounds. Check if she has a fuller stomach compared to before. She may cover her baby bump by wearing oversized clothes. Check if she suddenly had a change in wardrobe. Bloating usually occurs at the hands and feet. Check her hands and feet for possible bloating. Observe food cravings. Pregnant women often crave for sweet or salty food. Check whether the person craves for these kinds of food. Observe her breasts as well. Pregnant women would have larger breasts compared to before. Observe if she drinks alcohol. Pregnant women avoid drinking alcohol and also avoid smoking. Check if she continues to smoke. A pregnant woman is also sensitive to certain scents because her sense of smell is more sensitive when she is pregnant. Observe a scent she usually liked before that she does not like now.

Rather than asking her bluntly if she is pregnant ask her about new things happening in her life. Chances are she will tell you if she is pregnant or not. Sometimes women are not ready to share their baby secret. Give her time to get used to her pregnancy rather than asking her if she is pregnant. Some women get depressed and have a hard time accepting their pregnancy because of the hormonal changes. Give her space and time.


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